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About KichigaiKitsune
Hi everyone!

I'm a writer, and my stories are usually full sized novels that tend to feature what some term "cubs", as well as some form of plot. Now, if you haven't been driven away after reading that...

They're dramas with elements of romance, eroticism and action. If you like a read, feel free to give my stories a try.

At times, I do more conventional lemons, for those more inclined towards those.
Presently I don't take commissions but I'm wrestling with the idea.

Be forewarned, I'm a youth rights advocate, and not afraid to let that be known! =3

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"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." - Buddha
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Latest Journal posted 06 Apr 2014

Just some rambling. Enjoy at your own peril.

As you might expect, a lot of the reasons why I still advocate for youth rights despite being removed from the issue personally nowadays (fuck me, how long have I been writing these journals...) is because of things that happened to me as a kid, or things that I saw happen to others. While I know a lot of people who ARE effected by these issues, I'm personally not harmed by a teenager's inability to legally buy a beer.

Thankfully a lot of the things that happened to me directly were relatively minor. Still, I find some of my experiences to be pretty unbelievable, and highlight just how off-base many people's attitudes about kids and teenagers really are ...

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GreyWolf19 8 months ago
Started reading your Soulflower series. I like your writing, and can't wait to read more :D
KichigaiKitsune 6 months ago
Thanks! :D I'll be posting more of that series pretty soon, I think. Consider checking out my other stories in the meantime!
a d d i s o n 10 months ago
will you ever continue tai's story?
KichigaiKitsune 6 months ago
Absofrigginlutely. :D
Raven's fire 1 year ago
i just found your stories and i hope there is more to come.
loved Tai's story, but i dont know if week 5 was the end of Astray story
thanks and now i shy away once more
KnightWish 1 year ago
Just found your writing...and I might have fallen in love. Definitely will be watching you for further stuff. Keep up the amazing work!
KichigaiKitsune 1 year ago
I love the fact I can reply directly to shouts here... Bwaha!

Thanks! Hope you enjoy the stuff I have coming up. What've you been reading so far? :D
KnightWish 1 year ago
Everything except The Soulflower Festival. And that's next.
itxploded 1 year ago
just have to say i found you finally! a friend hooked me up with salon a while ago and finally found you, love your work
KichigaiKitsune 1 year ago
Oh, cool I can reply here directly!

I have you on Steam, though we haven't spoken, uh, at all. Feel free to chat if you like, I won't bite.

And it's cool to see that SdY still gets readers. Check out my new stuff, though!
Kirsanny 1 year ago
I finished reading Tai's Story a couple of weeks ago and I have been completely obsessed with it since. I love your writing style and I felt so moved to do a (crappy) fan art of it. I've started Astray (well, I've read the first page) and it's already brought about many feelings. It's amazing. It's been amazing to have the privilege to read your work.
dustinl03 1 year ago
always nice to read something of yours :)
post more soon i hope!
geneseepaws 2 years ago
I love your series "Astray" It deals with real issues and hard decisions and doesn't gloss over the fact that your decisions can have real-life consequences for others. THat's one thing I think is missing from most stories here, is the slice of life stories, often aren't. Thanks for writing it.
a d d i s o n 2 years ago
Hey :3
-waves bashfully
Golden Puppy 2 years ago
Welcome to SF. Hope you stay as we need more decent writers, the pickings can be slim. And very unimaginative in fact.