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About fc32
I'm new to the fandom and to digital art so please be patient. I've been building up a cast of characters on FA and will migrate as many of them over here as i can. Please feel free to contact me, I don't bite..... much.

Also I do commissions.
species Albino Tiger
gender male
loves Anatomically Correct, Anthro, BDSM likes Badge, Chubby, Clean tolerates Chastity Play, Feeding, Multiple hates Underage, baby, lolita
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Latest Journal posted 20 Jan 2012

He's the reason why i started to write furry adult stories and now he's publishing here on SF.  Please check out the first of his stories, keep an eye on his account, get to know him and his characters.  you'll be glad you did.  his name's midnightwolf777 and his account is here:


diantha dreams 9 months ago
Ha! Found you!
madkitten24 1 year ago
love your art
GingerM 1 year ago
I didn't know you were here as well! *friends*
Gawdzilla 1 year ago
Hey, thought you should know this about TheDarkGod.

Have a nice day!
DOMiNO UKAE 1 year ago
GothSpyro 1 year ago
Hey it's me GothSpyro from FA:
Jaci 1 year ago
Sorry, I don't get on skype any more due to net issues. ^.^ But thanks for stopping by!
transformer83 2 years ago
I am watching you here now too.
fc32 2 years ago
SMWolf 2 years ago
Thanks for the latest Fave!
MessyFox 2 years ago
thanks for the message on one of my journals, I wouldn't mind an encounter with that skunk girl LOL XD