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I am an open minded person who likes most creatures, but mythic ones like dragons first and foremost. I am spiritually inclined and yes am a Christian, (I know it makes me sound like a hypocrite), I just like to think I have reached a comfortable medium with myself. I am also one who likes the outdoors rather than inside, it just can become too stuffy for me at times. I do not play games that much, so do not expect me to rush into an RP. I also think that almost anything looks sexier when it has a set of wings, feral and anthro alike. species Western Draak
gender male from Over the skies of Chicago, United States
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taala 2 months ago

Oh hi! thank you - and yeah I'll most probably jsut make a sub folder for Viveka :D
Aquilla Whitegate 2 months ago
Well ok good to know, and also, unlike FA you can reply to profile posts directly without ave to go to the persons profile directly LoL, kind of like FA
taala 2 months ago
oh I see! Thanks for tell me ^^
Yogoloth 2 months ago
I'm glad you liked the picture of me showing off my wings. icon_biggrin.gif
Dark Instincts 1 year ago
I love your art and poems, especially the aurora wolf one ^^
Aquilla Whitegate 1 year ago
Thanks, and that is a photo manipulations anyway so happy that you think so highly of it all.
Nope got temp band lol over something stupid my grammar
The funny thing is u know me its napalm
Aquilla Whitegate 1 year ago
Ahh, I see, leave Herpy, come here, makes sense.
kittenj 1 year ago
Haha. That's because I'm the one and only fusken. I created it. :3
kittenj 1 year ago
Thank you. Haha. But I'm not a wolf. I'm a fusken.
Aquilla Whitegate 1 year ago
A fusken, I do not think I am familiar with that species.
Rohen 1 year ago
I thank you for the kind compliments, watch, and faves, kind sir.
Aquilla Whitegate 1 year ago
An you are quite welcome sir.
Kalithe 1 year ago
Thanks for watching me, Aquilla!
Tearfeather 1 year ago
Thanks for the comment!