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About scalia

Hi,there! Welcome to my profile.! Be my friend. I dont mind :3
I'm quite social so please take your time to read this to know more about me.
I'm a turned heterosexual to bi - curious/ i dunno..... >.< Secret. No one in my family and only a select friends know.
I'm quite friendly
I love the anthromorphic arts..
Anyone that requires beta-readers, talk, support. I'm quite the one to talk and care. Feel free to share them with me.
I'm someone who is willing to be a listening ear and give my thoughts on how i can help any individual.

Also, Thanks to a select people in this web, for your stories help me open up more into my sexuality on this website, no where eles. Remenber, stories doesn't need to be pawable to be good on this website, they just need feeling and love of the anthromorphic arts.

I've noticed... We're an endangered race, really hard to find people who are like us. Open about furry and such..
In my Country, Singapore. i think you can count them by the tens.
I know.. i know.. it sucks right D: !? so anyway if you ever come by my profile, feel free to send me a friend request <<

Feel free to call me that. Any questions or stuff about me you are interested in feel free to PM. Though i am single. i might get interested ^ ^.

Peace out O w O!
Love ya all. Love you tourmal for having such a website.. Love all of you writers out there, keep on writing!

species Dragon. Wolf Hybrid
gender male from Singapore, Singapore
loves Dragon, Dragoness, M/F likes Highschool, Human, School
6 submissions 5,201 page views 31 comments received 269 comments posted 3,228 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 19 Jun 2012

Well, been here quite awhile.

I've learnt that frankly, since i cant draw or write stories. The only thing that makes me still stay here is you writers and artist.

This gift that you have, practiced, learnt .. whatever. Cherish it, continue writing. NEVER GIVE UP.
You might think, he says dont give up, but he dont draw nor right.
However! I believe that some day i will still come back.

That's why i'll go back to what i do before i had a sofurry account.
I will watch, read and fav. Commission once in a while. Remenber that you artist are what make the fandom and keep it going. Never give up this wonderful gift. Feel bored? find a new subject to write or draw about. Come ask me. From ExS stories, i go to pokemon, then to digimon.. from renamon to wolves and back to dragons.

You'll never stray far from where you started. SO dear all other writers that came out of hiding and started new submissions. I thank you for adding new fandoms to this. I'm happ...

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Faust327 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch and the favorite on "CH1 Nightly Worries"!
jukesman54 1 year ago
Thank you very much!!
Salaav Onitrex 1 year ago
WOOO! Faved and watched! Thanks! ^.^
Kerilus 1 year ago
Thank you for faving and watching me! The story you faved is still a work in progress, and kind of co-written with a buddy here! I hope you like it so far, there will be more to come soon!
Celeblu 2 years ago
Ahh, thanks for all the favs, votes, and watch!
scalia 2 years ago
Thanks all~ somehow my story ended up as a top story :3~
Mark Wilds 2 years ago
thx for everything
scalia 2 years ago
(╯°°╯ !
capthavoc123 2 years ago
Thanks for the favs!
Arcane Reno 2 years ago
Thanks for watching!