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Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to view this big ole sun bear's profile. I go by either Shaun or Ursus and Im a sun bear. Dont know what that is? Go google it heh. Im 20, 6ft. even, aaand about 250 lbs. my fur is black all over my body except for the patch of golden fur that forms a half a circle across my chest. Im a pretty laid back bear mostly but sometimes I can be a little mischievous and love being a tease. The two things I like doing the most is playing video games and going out to enjoy nature camping, hiking, ect. I like all kinds of music except most rap and I have a inner raver that likes to come out every now and then. Not really to deep into sports but the two I do like is Football and hockey and watch them every now and then. I also watch a good bit of anime so if you know any good ones feel to tell me about em.

Mated to the best wolfdog on SoFurry avatar?user=210464&character=0&clevel=0 CallMeJj and I love him to death. Hes also a very talented writer so if you have the time make sure to check him out but keep ya paws to yourself cause that's my pup *winks*.

species Sun Bear
gender male from Roanoke, VA, United States
loves 69, 8-bit, Anal tolerates Female, Hermaphrodite, M/F hates Alternative Spiritual, Anal vore, Auto-Cunnilingus
6 submissions 1,405 page views 1 comments received 329 comments posted 2,218 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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Look at chu, all big and hunky <3 Thanks for the fav ^^
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GaianUrsus 1 month ago
No problem! All your stuff is awesome~
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CookieDraggy 9 months ago
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No problem your dragontaur is really awesome! :)
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GaianUrsus 9 months ago
Well glad I could help you figure it out heh.
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