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Three brown dogs arranged around a piece of meat in a carpeted room.
A man with a gun enters and spots the meat.
Three brown dogs scuttle around to make space for the man with the gun.
Three brown dogs and a man with a gun arranged around a piece of meat in a carpeted room.
There's a knock at the door but also meat on the carpet.

species Durr
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 28 Oct 2011


It seems non-committal to furry writing is becoming a constant bad habit. And not that I have alot of fans which is understandable since there's almost nothing on here, of mine, that even suggests a measure of completion or real effort but I thought it might be prudent to just drop a journal about the things that've been going on with me. 

Seeing one's own activities summarized and put down on "paper" is usually a good means by which to gain some objectivity and insight so here goes. 

Online Poker: I've been playing it. It started out as a curiosity and stemmed from boredom. There's an intriguing sense of challenge in the prospect of constantly competing on a psychological and mental basis against other people. So not having been a poker boffin I did some research and started out with R50 ($6.50) about two months ago and I'm currently somewhere between $220 and $240 only playing low stakes. I'm wondering when the challenge will start to wear thin but right now it's a fun l...

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Orkinman911 2 years ago
Thanks for the Watch! Now I can tell the time at any time.
Will E. Fox 2 years ago
I only got that just now.
Will E. Fox 1 year ago
Jesus, this to and fro is a year old already?
Orkinman911 1 year ago
more than.
Will E. Fox 8 months ago
Jesus, this to and fro is almost 2 years old already?
Orkinman911 8 months ago
Holy Shit! You're alive!?
Uniden 3 years ago
Thanks for the comment..I think
Will E. Fox 3 years ago
I suppose... you're welcome. Fascination still lives.
Will E. Fox 3 years ago
My wisdom teeth came out today: blood, pain and discomfort. Swelling tomorrow and a buttload of drugs all round, yay!
Spear 3 years ago
What a CUTE avatar! *Pets it.*
Will E. Fox 3 years ago
Aww, thank you. A friend of mine drew it for me.
Will E. Fox 3 years ago
I dreamt that Matt Damon could speak decent Afrikaans unlike that movie he played in. Then that people I know were going to the Olympics. ZZZzzz
Ursus11 3 years ago
Not so lonely shoutbox! :3
Will E. Fox 3 years ago
Will E. Fox 3 years ago
Lonely shoutbox :S
Will E. Fox 3 years ago
Sup' homies!