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About me... Well, I'm a British fox who writes from time to time. Yes, I do like crumpets and no, I don't drink tea.

I've been a fur for the past four years, and in that time I've met a lot of wonderful, brilliant people. I have a bit of a penchant to write, though I rarely upload any of it these days >;P
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I've managed to get to writing this after I saw a certain journal by my good friend avatar?user=204004&character=0&clevel=0 Rhysion. He'd taken a template which had been derived from another Journal (by Eirene) outlining a little holiday list of things that they would like (as a fur or otherwise) and it's open to anybody who wants to help, the details are below. It's a lovely idea, and I encourage you all to give it a go and spread the holiday cheer ;)



~Step 1~

Create a journal that contains your list of up to 10 holiday wishes.  The wishes can be anything at all, from the simple to the extreme. But the important thing is, these wishes must be things you really, truly want.

If you wish for real things, you'll need to include some sort of contact info in your post, even if it's just an email address, or a messenger ID -...

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ADHR26 2 months ago
Thanks for the favorite
ScruffyTheFox 2 months ago
Love your banner ^^ and your fox <3
Kyne 2 months ago
Thanks a bunch =]
Kainzorus Prime 2 months ago

Don't make me stab you for stealing my welcome phrase, mate.
Kyne 2 months ago
I didn't know it was owned by anybody O.o I swear I've seen multiple people use it. Sorry.
Kainzorus Prime 2 months ago
Your apology is accepted.

But, have you got any names, so I can properly shank the bastards?
Kyne 2 months ago
I can't say that I do, I'm afraid. I don't use the forums too often. It's also been a long time since I've last seen it, mind. I only started using it because I assumed it was a SF welcome thing.

Again, my apologies.
adagio 2 months ago
100% Deserved!
Kyne 2 months ago
Aw, you flatter me :3
Rita 3 months ago
Thanks for the fav~! c:
wolfbrother9393 4 months ago
Thank you for the welcome to SoFurry! I can't wait to share with the community. :3
Gamibri 5 months ago
Thank you for the watch!
WhitePawPrints 1 year ago
Hey there Kyne! It has been a while since I've heard from you. So how're you doing? I hope all is well. I remember you mentioning the possibility that you were going to write a science-fiction story. I was hoping you were still going to follow through on that; I'd be quite interested in reading it. :)
Kyne 1 year ago
Oh, hey there PawPrints! It's been quite a while, hasn't it? I've been struggling to keep up with most of the goings-on around here for the past couple months - but I did start reading through the Galactic Conflict chapters I've missed (I think I'm on chapter six now, still haven't got the time for Blood on Ice but I promise to read it soon!)

Anyway, back to the point; Yes, I haven't forgotten about the sci-fi story I mentioned a while back, but its sort of morphed into a merger with my Tales of Riverswood universe. It's more fantasy than sci-fi (which is similar to Blood on Ice-correct?). I have about the first 10 or so chapters planned out already, all I need to do is find the time to sit down and write it out. Unfortunately I can never find the time. I don't know how you can write so much so quick >.>

I could always share some more details with you, but I think this shout has gone on long enough already!
Aelius 1 year ago
'ey, thanks for the fav on Silara!
Kyne 1 year ago
My pleasure!
dramspringfield 1 year ago
Thanks for the fav. :3