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About Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards

I am so fucking horny!
I am 15, Gr 10
I live in Canada, British Columbia(Province)
I am mated to Mikey_k9
I am Unemployed
I am usually very happy
I have a Steam account
I have a Facebook account
Message me whatever...


species Otter
gender male from Moberly Lake, Canada
loves 69, Anal vore, Aqua Sex likes Bad Language, Bubble Bath, Massage tolerates Discipline, Fighting, Legend Of Zelda
0 submissions 8,023 page views 204 comments received 249 comments posted 3,597 profile views

Unbound In Asunder 1 year ago
Um... yeah. I didn't expect you guys to delete all of my submissions. Last time I got on, you left all the clean content and now there is nothing. Do you realize how much work I put into my submissions, and then you go and just delete it all. That's kind of low. BTW, this is Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards making this comment.
Eyegrim 2 years ago
I don't know what pissed you of.... but you know that I'm there for you. So if you need someone to know where you find me.
adiosToreador 2 years ago
Hi, wife
Lord Rose Thorn 2 years ago
Hey Archie I guess I found you first!
Great! It's awesome to have you here.
Lord Rose Thorn 2 years ago
Aye as for the settings I'm lost. It's so hard to find anything with that selection. I found something with boxes that say Loves, Likes, Tolerates and Hates.
Just click on every tab and look. I'm sure you'll find it eventually. Most content on SoFurry is Adult and Extreme anyway :P
Lord Rose Thorn 2 years ago
I've done it so many times. I think I've done it.
Excellent! I hope you did it!
Jasonafex 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav' bud!
Yeah. Anytime!
SnowWolf1 2 years ago
Hey it's Alex, got a new account. Can't log in on old 1
Saix 2 years ago
(Hey bro, it's Trish ^^ Buuut I'll be known around here as Saix XD)
Nice Profile Eh Man
Thanks, dude
Noah 2 years ago
i dont mean to be nasty but you cant use that avatar as it's not yours
Sorry, but I don't have photoshop. That's why I use others' pics.
Noah 2 years ago
well you shouldnt use other peoples arts with out there consent, if you do you'll find yourself booted about, i'm not being nasty this is advice, i have seen it alot, as for this the advatar your useing it belongs to a frind of mine so please dont use it
Well, can you please make one for me?
Noah 2 years ago
sadly i'm not an artist, best thing to do is save some cash and get yourself a commsion done like the rest of us
Thanks, but you don't need to worry about, the money should be coming out o my pocket.
averyrabbitt 2 years ago
Hello ^_^