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Howdy :3 I'm Tara. I'm a Wolf hybrid, a mix of wolf, husky, and a little austrailian shepherd :3 I like to consider myself an intellectual, althought not as adamant as some. I'm pretty open minded, and very friendly when I feel comfortable. I have been a furry all my life, though i may not have figured that out until recently. I've always been surrounded by animals. They have always been my friends, and i've always wanted to be like them. The fandom has helped me express my love and appreciation for them, and has also created a world where i feel safe being myself. I know I have friends here, and everyone is happy, friendly and supportive :3 This is my home away from home.

P.S: I am a big fan of TRADES, so if you're interested you can PM me. :3
(i'm a traditional artist, pen and penci. If you're looking for digital works, I'm not your man :P)
species Wolf
gender female from United States
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Latest Journal posted 11 Feb 2013

I just hit a cat on my way back to my house from a friends.. :'(

I like totally broke down I felt sooo bad :/

Tried calling the S.P.C.A but its too late at night they're not open.

Man. Ruined my whole day poor kitty kitty :(((

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HolidayPup 7 months ago
hope ya like it ;) -wags-
Zen Kitsune 10 months ago
Oh thank GOD!!!....I found another person who takes pictures of their traditional artwork...Hahahaha....anyways...lovely gallery ^^...go traditional art!!!......sigh.....*sits down and sips tea while I put on my monocle*
CarlMZ 10 months ago
Thanks for the watch! :D
Wounded Knee 11 months ago
Hey, do you rp?
AlphaTara 11 months ago
i haven't really before, but i'm down to try :3
Wounded Knee 11 months ago
Scheknul 1 year ago
Thanks for watching, faving, and rating me!
Yoshiknight2 1 year ago
Thanks for the faves, votes, and the watch too!
Reno420 1 year ago
yvw ^T^
Reno420 1 year ago
ty kindly for the watch+ ^T^
also... <3 ur art
AlphaTara 1 year ago
Phalynx 1 year ago
are you a balto fan dear?
AlphaTara 1 year ago
indeed i am :3
Phalynx 1 year ago
so do i <3 i love aleu