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loves 69, Anal, Anime likes Abuse, Bukkake, Canine tolerates Non-anthro
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Latest Journal posted 27 May 2012

When he leave he is never missed When he comes back its as if he was never there As he slowly slips away he forgets the ones who he loved But when he finds someone who cares he is no longer forgotten As that man I have seen the good and bad of people But I am forgotten no more If I was gone I would be missed When I come back its the same as if I was there the whole time Im happy for life And nothing can take it away


Shaade 2 years ago
Heya =3 Much love for the watch <3 *hugs*
Willace Diamond 2 years ago
well big thanks again for a fave and feel free to text meh at any point of the day/night number's 717-348-8093 ~hugs~
Willace Diamond 2 years ago
Yay! thakies on another watch/fave! You rock this wuffies frizzy socks off!
salmy 2 years ago
Thanks a ton for the watch, the fav, and the pawing! ;D
chiefs999 2 years ago
Hey thanks for the watch, much appreciated
Lycana 2 years ago
First you molest my shout box now your watching me!!!! Awesome haha
Kross 2 years ago
Hallo ^.=.^
makumomo 2 years ago
Thanks for watching! ^^ *hugs*
Byronof12 2 years ago
*hugs back* you welcome
Harumi 2 years ago
Thx Fur Watch!
Byronof12 2 years ago
Yousa welcome
Byronof12 2 years ago
I don't understand we could just chat here until it works or something o just text me at 408-529-4940