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*catches everyone watching him in the shower, yanking the towel up to cover himself and screaming like a girl* 'AAAAH! You pervs! Peeking in on me like that!'

Heh, so you wanna know about me so where to start.
Well, I'm more of a writer and musician than an artist. I draw like I sing, in a key nobody knows. I might post one of my own scribbles now and then but that's usually gonna be few and far between.

Most of the artwork I'm posting here I've commissioned at one time or another, usually at cons.

I can usually be found on the various mucks and IMs. Best to drop me a note here first if you want IM contact since I'm a little picky on those so I don't get swamped.

<I am NOT on Facebook, Google+ or Myspace. Facebook and Google+ I will never be on until they stop requiring RL name and info to be used openly.>

species Dragonwolf
gender male
loves Medical Procedures, Nudity, Pregnancy hates Latex, Rimming, piercing
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Latest Journal posted 23 Jan 2013

Just letting everyone know I'm still alive and out here with commissions to post, I've just been lagging up a storm is all.

New Years was good for me, nice n' quiet on my end as usual.

Graduated with my associates in hvac/r back in September and still job hunting. Hope something turns up soon.

I did have to skip out on FC this year. Still paying off MFF so I couldn't afford the trip. Hopefully next year I'll be back.

And to those who know, I'm doing better than before. Still gotta get to the follow-up with my family doc.

For those who don't know, Sunday night I started getting dizzy and my eyes wouldn't focus or track together. Monday morning I woke up and not only was my vision no better, but I also couldn't hold any food down either. I finally went to the ER. The nurse checked my blood pressure 4 times before she'd believe it and they checked me in. My bp was 198/137, just SLIGHTLY high. 7 hours and a CT scan later, they'd gotten it down to normal levels.

High bl...

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Starkraven 5 days ago
Thank you very much.
Bahamut-255 3 weeks ago
Thanks for faving. ^_^
Aelius 7 months ago
Thanks for the watch!
Croco 8 months ago
Took a look at a couple of your artwork pieces, and I think it is awesome to find someone else who has an appreciation of Protoceratops out there! I have a Protoceratops character and she is featured in this piece:

Though I would be willing to bet that you are already familiar with her. ;-)
Bluefire34 1 year ago
your welcome for the fave
CaseyLJones 1 year ago
Thank you for the watch ^^
Seon Cruz 1 year ago
Thanks for the fav. :3
TigerZero 2 years ago
I totally agree with your decision to not be on Facebook, Google, or MySpace. Way too much data tracking for my privacy comfort level. I would be interested in seeing something you have recently drawn to see the difference between now and the latest post which you have said was done back in 2004.
purplegriffin 2 years ago
thanks for the watch