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Hey there! I'm the cute and cuddly femboy husky who loves to be everybodies best friend. Feel free to send me a message any time! Kisses for you! Mwah!






I am a Husky/Arctic Wolf mix breed. I have all white fur except for black ear tips and paws, and my left and right eyes are green and amber respectively. I generally like others to take charge of things, as I am too nervous to take control of most situations, but I can be playful and fun when given the chance.

stands at about 6 feet even. Has the fluffy fur and curly/fluffy tail of a husky, but the wolf blood gives me a slightly slimmer frame and more of a runners muscle tone. can be found wearing jeans and my beloved grey and black hoodie, but being a femboy husky, you are more likely to find me wearing tight pants, sexy shirts, skirts and all types of good looking clothes ^_^.

You may notice a difference between a lot of my favs and the type of material I write. The simple explanation is: I enjoy reading smut but I love writing romance. lol!

Mainly I really like the character build up with deeper relationships. Some may disagree, but I like to think that I have a natural talent for conversational scenes and the little quirks and mannerisms that often appear while talking.

Sadly, this means that my stories lack the quick passion that most people are here to read. Thus my work languishes for long periods while stories posted just after me get favd and voted by the dozens in mere minutes. Woe is me.

All is well however, as I know the worth of my own creations and when even one person likes a story of mine it inspires me to write a dozen more. So if you read anything of mine and like it, comment knowing that doing so makes me wriggle with joy from nose to tail!

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http://derickg.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/bugatti_veyron_2011_maybe1.jpg Given to me by Spirit The Shadow Wolf!
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Latest Journal posted 04 Mar 2014

I'm so bored. :/ Thinking of uploading pics, but I've used up all my decent ones. The rest are all too naughty for facebook.

Maybe I'll make a sexy femboy Twitter account. Anyone wanna be my followers? *sits and plays with my tail*

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wolfinthenight 4 months ago
wolf re-shout ;)
novastar 4 months ago
naughty wolf!
wolfinthenight 4 months ago
aw, but naughty is fun!
novastar 4 months ago
well, I didn't say it was a bad thing! <3
wolfinthenight 4 months ago
send me a PM and i can show you how naught i can be *devious smile*
pixelfetish8 4 months ago
Hiiiii Nova ;3
you are soooo cute, a pixel hug to you!
novastar 4 months ago
thankies! ^3^

I love pixelly things!
Jacob FurWolf 4 months ago
Nova why your skype picture so provocative :O
novastar 4 months ago
So guys can drool over my body. hehe.
novastar 4 months ago
Also, it's not nearly as provocative as it could be! lol! XD
Jacob FurWolf 4 months ago
I dread to think how provocative it could be, it makes me drool quite alot
Carathegirlywolf 4 months ago
Jacob FurWolf 4 months ago
Wolfy Shout you adorable husky ^*^ A pleasure to meet you sir <3
novastar 4 months ago
Same! <3 <3 feel free to pm me or skype or facebook if you ever wanna chat. ^3^
DJGoo 4 months ago
Thanks! 8]
Foxtrot Apocalyptia 5 months ago
Penis boobz willy fart! *laughs manically and runs out the window*
novastar 5 months ago
Such a cheeky fellow! *watches the cackling fox run off*
Spirit The Shadow Wolf 5 months ago
lol I forgot I got you that car XD
novastar 5 months ago
*beeps the horn* :D
Spirit The Shadow Wolf 5 months ago
lol *Jumps into the passenger seat* LET'S GO!!!
Hans Underpaw 5 months ago
Hey there hun, whats new in the husky and wolf's world?
papaalpha2010 5 months ago
What's up novastar? thanks for the shout out.
novastar 5 months ago
No problem. ^__^ how are you?
papaalpha2010 5 months ago
I'm good. Just chilling out on this Sunday evening.