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I have had a fascination with Dogs since I was very young, and vivid dreams about the Minotaur almost as long.

I believe there is a serious lack of f/f fisting/fingering and Minotaur art on this site :(

Mostly though, all you need to know is I love all living things (some a bit 'too' much) and am not afraid to show it. I love creating, anything. I can be an evil bitch and I can be your best friend. It all depends which side of the bed I wake up on. And even if I am ascerbic at times (okay... frequently), I am a kind little kitteh deep, deep, deeeeeeep down :P
species Mongrel: Mother - Felis Silvestris; Father - Lynx/Dingo Hybrid
gender female
loves 80s, Akita, Anthro likes 70s, Anal, Anatomically Correct tolerates 420, Alien, Alligator hates Anal vore, Babyfur, Birth
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Latest Journal posted 26 Dec 2011
Our puppies are still going mad over their presents :3

Kolda got a stuffed cow and some rawhide piggies and Nelson is busy chewing his humungous hard bone we got him especially cos he chews through everything in five bites flat. It's lasted a whole day so far, let's see if it lasts a bit longer...

Both of them are ignoring the little snowman toy :/

I might try giving it to the ferrets, though they already have a basket of squeaky mice and a ball filled with rabbit-flavoured treats.

The gerbils and hamster are gnawing on and pouching over seventy quid's worth of chewtoys and nibbles. The gecko is resting on her new sun rock.

The snakes have each got a new floor covering and hidey-logs. My lynx is happy cos he's got a giant preserved rabbit to gnaw. The sugar-gliders have a tasty oozy fruit dispenser we made for them. The mice have a millet-garden. The iguana also has an oozy fruit lick. The bunnies have a chewy carrot-patch we made. ...

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by TakenByMe    2 years ago    

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Shaade 2 years ago
Heya =3 Much love for the faves <3 *hugs*
ZinStone 2 years ago
Thank you kindly for the watch! ^^
White Whiskers 2 years ago
Ykoriana 2 years ago
Thank you for the fav and the watch!
shani-hyena 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch and fav!
TakenByMe 2 years ago
No, thank YOU xx
Linkaton-Furaito 2 years ago
thanks for watching!
TakenByMe 2 years ago
No prob, just glad to be able to credit the real artist x
FrANUBIS 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch! ^^
TakenByMe 2 years ago
My pleasure, you have lots of portential and I want to be there for the ride :3
Linkaton-Furaito 2 years ago
Hello, I'm Sorry for barging in, But i just wanted to let you know that Link Fur is a Art theif and was stealing My work. If you Would Like to keep updated on My work feel free to watch the true artist I'll be uploading things very soon! Proof that the art is mine can be seen here: and

Many Thanks! Linkaton Furaito Aka HexebusDraemoore
TakenByMe 2 years ago
Hun, I haven't a clue what you're on about..
thelunacy-fringe 2 years ago
Thanks so much for the watch c:
TakenByMe 2 years ago
No problem :3
Penelope Ravenheart 2 years ago
Thank you so very much for all the faves and 5 star ratings and the watch! :)
TakenByMe 2 years ago
No thank YOU... Your story is hawt x
Penelope Ravenheart 2 years ago
I try to keep the sex hot in every chapter. I have part 9 done now,just have to get it ready to upload. Hopefully I will have that done in the next couple days. I'm glad that even though there are other things going on in the story,they are still hot and I hope I strike a good balance between sex and story. ;)