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About Kurapika
I write and draw because I have a story to tell, and like it when people take the time to read or look over and enjoy my stories and art, I also hope one day, I can publish my work.

I may have to warn you though I am dyslexic so some words or sentences my be hard to read because of it, I do my best to catch these mistakes though and go through my work constantly to catch them as best as I can, if you find anything wrong don't hesitate to tell me so. I really do the best I can to fix that problem but I'm never able to catch it all.

I right now divide my time between my writing and my drawing. It can sometimes be very frustrating as I love writing more than I do drawing, but my drawing is much more in demand then my writing, so I'm often spending more time on drawing when I would rather be writing another chapter to one of my stories.

About me, well, due to a chronic illness (an auto immune disorder) I spend most of my time at home, often sick or in bed, and I am confined to a wheelchair when I would like to get out of the house on my own. When I'm not sick I'm usually writing or drawing, so as you can imagine, I have too much time on my hands... which explains the large amount of chapters and drawings I have and will continue to put up on this site x.x

Commission Slot and Progress information can be found in the link below

from Edmonton, Canada
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Cernos 4 hours ago
Hi! I know I am probably just blind stupid asshole and the whole thing is written somewhere over here but can I order a comission? Thanks and sorry for your time!
Io 3 months ago
All the best in 2014!
Kurapika 3 months ago
Thank you =) Best wishes to you as well
Ellard 3 months ago
Random question, You didn't happened to have picked the name "Kurapika" after Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter, did you?
Kurapika 3 months ago
Yes actually =) way back when I used to watch the old / original series. It's just kinda continued to stick with me everywhere over the years <.<
Ellard 3 months ago
I'm very happy to hear that. Not enough people know about the awesomeness that is Hunter X Hunter. Though it makes me really sad that since the Greed Island arc started Kurapika's character had basically been tossed aside )=
Kurapika 3 months ago
Indeed, I miss having Kura around in the series, and right at a part where they were getting some really great character development. (That arc is still my favorite one)
drakar2835 3 months ago
Found this picture on this site. Think he look like Teddy Corner father
Kurapika 3 months ago
Hehe he does remind me of him xD
the_cooler 4 months ago
enjoy your comic a lot
keep it up & keep it Kool!
Kurapika 3 months ago
Thanks much =)
Kaily 4 months ago
Kura, you need an editor. I had the same problem when I started writing. Past and present tense are all jumbled up in your story lines. Send me a private message when you get this and we will see what we can do about it 'k?
Kurapika 4 months ago
I actually already have the chapters edited by a friend, I just have not uploaded the edited chapters to this (and other) websites cause I have not had the time x.x
Kaily 4 months ago
Ah in that case ignore me.
Kurapika 4 months ago
I appreciate the offer though =) Thanks ya!
nothingisnotnothing 4 months ago
hey kura, it ezio
LonelyWolf13300 4 months ago
I'm surprised that your books are not published, the would be really popular!
Kurapika 4 months ago
Thanks =)
LonelyWolf13300 4 months ago
No problem, just keep writing them!
BobbyTigre 4 months ago
thanks for da watch :3
Nutkin 6 months ago
I've looked through your gallery and I would like to see more. Could I add you to my watchlist?
Kurapika 6 months ago
Of course you may!
Nutkin 5 months ago
Thank you.