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Hey there everyone. Yes, this used to be my fur Xander's page but I decided to rethink and reinvent myself. So I came up with a complete new fursonna. Say hello to.....Ciel Jacob Kliendel!!!! Ciel is from an orphan background, his parents having died in a murder when he was only 2 years old. He never knew his parents and he doesn't really feel anything for them; after all, why cry over someone you never really knew yeah? Anyways, Ciel jumped from foster home to foster home; he was kicked out in the beginning for mostly being a troublemaker and then when he was 10 it was mostly because his guardian(s) found out he was gay. His freshman year of highschool he found a home with a lovely lioness and she didn't care if Ciel was gay or not. When it came time to go to college Ciel was so excited. He was accepted into Masonfield University, a prestigious, well-known university (in my furry world). His cousin, his best friend, and he were all accepted and Ciel knew that University would be an amazing experience for him. It was his second week of college when Ciel was raped and killed. Having hit the club scene, a gang leader of the Cobra clan (who is bi) approached Ciel and was nice to him. After drugging Ciel he had his way; when Ciel tried to run the clan leader shot Ciel in the back of the head. Lucky for him, a demon, his mentor, was around and witnessed everything. Ciel chooses to become a demon. He learns to control and use his powers for good as well as revenge. If you feel like getting to know more about Ciel, I am going to start writing again and be posting a story series...on HERE only! I am currently thinking of the title of the series but I am thinking about calling it "Demon Choir" the name of the series would become clearer in the future of the series.


Some of you know that I am great with giving advice, even to complete strangers. Just so you know, if you are reading this, YOU can message me at any time with any sort of situation that you are in and I will more than happily give you the best advice to my ability, even if you're a complete stranger like I said before. Now then I don't think I'll be writing anything any time soon but check out Artwolf, the author of "Half-Blood" series because my Xander is now a character in it!!! HOW EXCITING!

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gender male from Indiana, USA
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Going to my first furry convention! Midwest Furfest!

Anyone I know on here that is going to go?! If so we should deff meet up for a bit :)


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Zinvandel 5 months ago
Thanks for the fave :3
Zinvandel 6 months ago
Thanks for the watch and fave ^^
I hope you enjoy my art
angel27 10 months ago
thanks for the watch :)
Hufnaar 11 months ago
Thank you very much for keeping an eye on my works :)
Darkstar 11 months ago
Thanks for the Watch!!!
ChillFireWolf 1 year ago
Quite the Bio for Ciel. Look forward to reading some of your stories!!
Vincent Banks 1 year ago
Hey buddy! Thanks for accepting my friend request and the watch! It's so nice to meet you!^^
Kattedyret 1 year ago
Thanks a lot for watching! :3
FangLightwind 1 year ago
Oh wow thanks for the Watch *Hugs*
firefromheaven 1 year ago
Thanks for watching!!!!

Comments and favorites are always appreciated. Come join us in the comments section of my stories, we have a lot of fun there.
Ciel Kliendell 1 year ago
umm where is that at? and no problem, i really like the story, few things i would suggest but that doesnt matter cuz i love it so much
firefromheaven 1 year ago
The comments are at the bottom of each chapter. We have a lot of fun there.
Ciel Kliendell 1 year ago
oh see i was thinking you had some sort of super secret place where everyone comments on your stuff xD
firefromheaven 1 year ago
Nothing secret about it. We are like a family there and we have a lot of fun going back and forth with each other.