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I am a super perverted stalking foxie, so if I randomly started watching you out of the blue, it means you posted something that is really interesting to me and I may pester for more of it at one time. So just ignore me! *giggles*

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So... almost none of the artwork in my gallery is mine, I dun't have the skill or equipment to make any of it. Though, I do enjoy commishing people and getting it done for me. I love all of these kinky ideas, and am always looking for new ones to fool around with. I am an avid RPer, and fancy myself pretty good at it, though I'm mostly a silly subby (A subby fox, who'd thought?)... Anyway though, being in the furry fandom has always been fun for me, so get out there and be entertaining! I'm depending on you! *foxie wags*

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Latest Journal posted 23 Jun 2012

*flails* I'm going to Disney tomorrow! See you fluffy butts later! Until next week! >^.^<

If ya need me, drop a note and I'll get back to you when I can.


Yarek Mooncat 3 months ago
you are welcome*hugs*
PinkiHusky 1 year ago
Murrs and wags tail fast nuzzles you back and smiles * i love your rubber icon
kuto 1 year ago
your welcome * nuzzles back
EryxtheFloofyDragon 1 year ago
You are very welcome ^.=.^
"Smiles and wags my tail happily giving you a squeaky hug"
*Perverse stalking*
KlonoaPrower 1 year ago
*wiggles butt at lots since you're probably following me.*
I'm gonna stalk you, perversely.
KlonoaPrower 1 year ago
Hehe, sounds fun to me! >^.^<
TrueHawkEye 1 year ago
haha found you again
Sick Dragon 1 year ago
icon_biggrin.gif You are very welcome.
Stud_Fox_Nova 1 year ago
No problem. I have a story that may interest you, when you have the time please give it a gander. It's called: Unconventional Family Part 1. :3
laserslutboy 1 year ago
naughty foxxie ;)
KlonoaPrower 1 year ago
Liez! You haz no proof!
laserslutboy 1 year ago
*takes a slight look to the left side of the screen*
KlonoaPrower 1 year ago
It's all an illusion! You ish totally imagining things! >^.^<