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About Luna Scarlet

Name: Luna Scarlet
Species: Fox
Sex: Female (Vixen) 
Age: 18

Fur color: Classic red fox
fur with teal and purple marks

Eyes: Red

Occupation: A maid at the Rinzzler Manor
Master: Jinxx the Bat


Is very shy towards strangers but kind, loving and playful with friends. Loves: listening to music (mostly j-pop, rock and dubstep^^) , drawing and watching anime.Tends to panic when put under stress and loves being silly around her friends. Is easily distracted and gets amused over the smallest things.

species A shy maid vixen
gender female
loves Anime, Anime/manga, Demon Fox likes 8-bit, Anubis, Bleach tolerates Drama, Highschool, Horror
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groups   Furry Gamers
  Alekzandrov Castle.

Duo Theus 2 years ago
~slaps the females butt~ Everyone gets at least one
Jinxx The Bat 2 years ago
*kills dark river fox and takes shout box cherry* see i told you
DarkRiverWolf 2 years ago
Hai pretteh foxeh <3