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Usher: Learn the name, for you'll be screaming it later.
Male: I'd say I don't bite, but then I'd be lying.
Age 20: The hourglass is continuous, and I've got time.
The inner being.
My Ex-poser
My personality is said to be hard to define, though my complexities can be seen upon first meeting. I had a tendency to drape my truly shy nature beneath a facade of coolness. Often giving others the first impression the I am solemn, somber and unfourthcoming. But beneath that reticent fog is an individual that I'm rather open around those whom I trusts. A testament to statement that Isn't the least bit a silent gloomy guy. Not entirely anyway for smiling and laughing is still a rare occurrence.
My main epidermis pigmentation includes ashen and alabaster. While ebony markings align my coat. Adding on to my menacing appearance, my eyes are marked with obsidian tear lines. In relation to body, I always had a slim build, suggesting speed more than strength. In addition, due to certain circumstances, I am outstandingly large compared to your modern wolves. I stand at a little over eight feet tall.
species Dragon
gender male
loves Biting, Breast, Breast Sex likes Angel, Canine, Clean tolerates Stretching, Toys, further confusion hates Balls, Bisexual, Forced sex
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Latest Journal posted 28 Oct 2011

I found the song off of youtube, and I want you to figure it out if this is my type of song or not.

Song Beautiful lies

Uploaded by youtube member: TopeZ0r

Usher 2 years ago
Surasshu 2 years ago
Happy Birthday master :D