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About Palibakufun

Hi, my name is Palibakufun, but you can call me Pali =) I like to write stories occasionally and stuff. I'm a big fan of Pokemon and am an extreme furry. I love just about everything!

If you want to be friends, just send me a message on Skype! I may RP with you if I'm in the mood too. Read my likings before you ask me about something, first!

Commission Info: If you would like to discuss a commission, just message me! Here are my prices...

One-shot adult/clean story - $10

Multi-chaptered adult/clean story - $5 per chapter

species Typhlosion
gender male
loves 70s, 8-bit, Ambient likes 3D, 69, 80s tolerates 420, ASB, Abduction hates Bible, Cheerleaders, Human
17 submissions 11,611 page views 71 comments received 31 comments posted 2,006 profile views
groups   Pokemon Writers Guild
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Kael Falconvale 2 years ago
oh no, thank you sooooo much <3 your now one of my favorite writers, and i read... ALOT! *giggles*
eragon13666 2 years ago
plus i like your story do you think you mind putting my human guy in it?
eragon13666 2 years ago
the reason i watcheds you is because of the art you do, love it and i wished i had your skills!