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"Who am I", you ask? The question you should be asking yourself is why you are here, looking at my profile. If it was my writing, I thank you for taking the time out of your very busy (or unbusy) day to read my stories. If you happened to just stumble across me, keep reading. I may peak your interest at some point. If you're here to tell me how my dreams are unattainable and I'm a lousy husky, then you are sadly wasting your time. ^_^

My name is Kausn, and I'm just your average blue husky. With a fedora. Fedoras make everything better, it's a known fact. As for my name, a good friend of mine told me the name and I just kinda ran with it. I have no intentions of changing it, because I love the name. <3 I'm about 5'11", with blue and white fur, white fur covering my belly, face, and underside of my tail. Basically, if you ever get to see my white fur, you're very very lucky. :3 I have black headfur and a black tail tip, with red and the very tips of each. You will rarely ever see me without a guitar or my fedora, as I love both.

I am a writer and a musician, but music is my main passion. Writing is more of a hobby, and is apparently something I'm good at. I enjoy writing, but I have more time to write music than to write stories. That being said, I love writing stories and would love some more ideas, if anyone wants to see me write one of their ideas. ^_^

So yeah, that's me. Just a tall, blue husky that loves music and writing. Any questions?

species Husky
gender male
loves Arctic Wolf, Canine, Husky likes 70s, 80s, Alternate Society tolerates Border Collie, Dance, Easy Listening hates War
32 submissions 39,117 page views 591 comments received 271 comments posted 5,248 profile views
Latest Journal posted 23 Jan 2014

Hey guys,

So, one of my best friends is holding an art raffle, and I think you should go check him out. He does some pretty decent stuff. 

Plus, it's free! So go! Run like the wind!

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Grayscales 3 months ago
It's 5 AM! Why wont your stories let me sleep!?
Phant Dragor 8 months ago
tsukishiro626 1 year ago
Absolutely! You deserve all of them and more! *wags happily*
chromowolf 1 year ago
But I need to sleep silly :3 xD
Naww I'd get on but I need to go to bed. Tomorrow's gonna be long. O.o* Text me though :D
chromowolf 1 year ago
Dude, I miss you. :'(
Masquerade 2 years ago
I quite like your avatar, and I've noticed it several times before. Is this something you commissioned of your character?
Kausn_Husky 2 years ago
That depends. What one did you see. If it's the blue husky with the fedora, that one was drawn by a freind. If not, that was my first avatar, and I didn't commision it, it was just a character that was simalar to mine. :P
TheUnworthyKitsune 2 years ago
Hey, You should accept my friend request as I know you :3
Kausn_Husky 2 years ago
I know you know me, so I will accept your friend request.
get_bendt 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch mate ^_^
Kausn_Husky 2 years ago
You're very welcome. :D
Kaoruko Lee 2 years ago
Ohai there!
Last night, I came across your series and decided to read them, so I saved each chapter page as an HTML document before I went home (from work) and read them all night long!
Then I realised I forgot to get chapter 10, and I was kinda mad 0-0
Anyways! I just downloaded it, and I wanted to say I love this series, at some points the way stuff happens seems a bit stereotyped or "mainstream" but the way you interpret it makes it so much more awesome :)
Keep up the brilliance! :D
-"everything'd' you-
Kausn_Husky 2 years ago
Well hey there. I'm glad you liked my story. :D !!! Chapter 10.... that was a pretty important chapter. haha Anyway, thanks for taking the time to leave me this shout. Some parts did see stereotypical or cliche, but hey. Every story has something like that. I'm glad you liked my interpretation of them. :D Thanks, and have a good day. Or night. :D
chromowolf 2 years ago
Yay I am your first friend! :D lol