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Herro, I'm michimutt; it's an old "IRL" nick-name I decided to use for my user-names and profiles. It's actually got nothing to do with my actual online-persona! 
My fursona is actually an "original" species of dragon-like creatures I've come up with on my own, who share many traits of some of my favorite animals, such as raptors and sharks.

I don't like rambling TOO much on these profile things, so if you'd like to get to know me just add me as a friend. :3 

species Domestic Dog
gender female from Manahawkin, NJ, USA
loves Bisexual, Classroom, Dance likes BDSM, Chubby, Gangbang tolerates B-snakes, Deep Throat, Western Swing hates Abduction, Abuse, Anal vore
21 submissions 16,406 page views 113 comments received 22 comments posted 1,714 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 29 Feb 2012

Thanks to my wonderful friends, I got her into the vet and had her tail looked at.
Despite my efforts to save her broken tail, the break caused too much tissue and nerve damage that would have been un-fixable even if I brought her into the office the day of the injury. The tail is dying, and in turn needs to be docked.

My mother and grandparents are getting the $250 down-payment I need to book her surgery, and from there I can make $25 payments every month until the operation is payed off. (Unfortunately, they charge intrest after 3 months, but... $25 is all we can afford.)

I would like to get together as much as the monthly payments as I can before the operation so if you're looking for art please let me know, I am willing to offer some discounts to get the money I need together.

I'm considering another $5 sketch sale, (+$5 for color, in turn being 50% off my normal pricing.)
Maybe... I'll even do a "buy 5 get a color sketch free" special to up the interest.

If you'd ...

darkgoose 2 years ago
thanks very much for the watch :3

*lick lick*