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Hi there! :3

I'm Meike, but most people know me as Maquenda, Maq for short.
Animals and nature have always facinated me, even when I was a little kid. By observing I learned to draw by myself ever since I could hold a pencil.

I've had a few different phases where I would draw one type of animal. First they were horses, then parrots and other birds, then dogs, wolves, cats and ofcourse dragons and unicorns. The only animal I rarely drew were humans...

When I was 12 I started to draw Lion King fanart and I joined TLK FAA. Since then I only drew lions and anything that had to do with TLK. You can still see I'm pretty much stuck in that phase...
The TLK community has meant a big deal for me. I made a lot of friends and met amazing people that inspired me. Therefore I'm very grateful, because it helped me to improve and made me less lonely during Highschool.

One of my passions is also watching animated movies (besides TLK ). It was a big part of my childhood and it still is. Because of this, I started to follow the course ''Animation and Audiovisual Design''. I recently graduated and now I'm going to ArtEZ in Zwolle ad I'm following the course ''Illustration'' now. Lets hope I can make it!

I'm currently trying to get out of my boundaries and improve more on my human skills.
Feel free to talk to me, PM me or leave a comment. I'm quite friendly (unless it's way too early xD) and I love to make friends and I always try to reply.
I don't do trades anymore but I'm open for commissions. For more info you can read my journal, or ask me about it in a PM.


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Bazinga 1 month ago
Nice artwork you have there ^.^

PS. Love your avatar ~
aRoyalMeow 1 month ago
Your artwork is so beautiful! I really like the mood you create in all of your art.
DarkSoulsSauron 1 month ago
YOUR SHADING!! it's fabulous. good work
Maquenda 1 month ago
Thank you :D
DarkSoulsSauron 1 month ago
i wonder how much your commissions cost. i want your skill to bring my characters to life.
Io 3 months ago
I hope you hade a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year!
Maquenda 3 months ago
Thanks a lot <3 same goes for you :)
RedWhiteFeather 4 months ago
You draw very well ovo. Also i love your artstyle!
brianjasperfurry 4 months ago
your style makes the hair on my back stand..
I know you hear this all the time, but you are a really great artist.
Maquenda 4 months ago
Aww thank you! <3 <3 I always appreciate such comments :)
brianjasperfurry 4 months ago
I will learn from you. Your style is just breathtaking
ImperialTiger 4 months ago
Just ran across your work and I must say, very good!!
Maquenda 4 months ago
Hey thank you for watching me here and on FA:
BlackwolfSilverpaw 6 months ago
Awesome gallery!
Raventalons 6 months ago
what art software do you use ?
Raventalons 6 months ago
epic art you got here