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I love to write and play football. I am a very protective person so don't mess with anyone of my friends or loved ones ;D. species Dragon/wolf
gender male
loves 69, Albino, Alligator likes Afghan hound, Alien, Amphibian tolerates Akita, Angel, Bee hates Androgynous, F/F, F/Herm
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Latest Journal posted 09 Dec 2011

Alright sorry I have not posted in awhile my labtop which has all my writing on it has broken. I will start writing Spiritus Bellator and NOU again as soon as I get it back. Thanks for enjoying my stories and I can't wait tou hear your comments :)



SnJester 6 months ago
Thank you so much for the watch. *Wags very, very happy* :)
grune-daddy 2 years ago
Yup yup :)