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About SkyWing

Necross SkyWing


Species: Eastern-Western Dragon mix (Western Dominate)

Gender: Male

Height: 229 cm (7'6")

Weight: 163 kg (360 lbs.)

Length: 518 cm (17'0")

Eyes: Varies

Mane: Dark Persian Indigo

Scales: Midnight Black, Crimson Red

Unusual Features: Color-changing Eyes


Physical Description


Necross, also known as Sky, is a fairly tall male dragon of a mixed breed with a strong and handsome appearance. He possesses a well-defined and muscular physique with a wide V-shaped back and chest that has firm pectoral muscles set above taut six-pack abs. Necross also has broad shoulders with pronounced deltoids and similarly muscular biceps and thighs, which trail down into well-muscled arms and legs.


His body is decorated by a multitude of scars with the most prominent ones being three diagonal scars that run across his left eye. Necross also has a large X-shaped scar that crosses over his chest from either shoulder to the opposing hips. He also possesses a thick scar on the right side of his neck that is visible in the few instances he does not wear his collar.


His eyes have vertically-slitted pupils and are unique in that the irides can appear in a rainbow of colors. Their colors change in accordance to his emotions and result in the inability to hide his feelings or intentions. Necross also possesses a multi-layered protection for his eyes consisting of a leathery outer eyelid and three smooth inner eyelids. The innermost membrane is crystal clear and effectively protects the eye from damage during flight. The other two eyelids mainly serve to keep the eye clean and are not as thin or clear as the innermost membrane. These eyelids are set at a forty-five degree angle of one another, which means his eyes are protected from four different directions. Necross can use these inner lids to protect its eyes from sudden flashes of bright light as well as intense wind during flight and water during swimming.


His ears are ray-like fins composed of four crimson spiny segments with three sections of pitch black webbing between them. They resemble a fish's pectoral fins in appearance and those of fictional elves in overall shape. These ear fins serve to both acutely focus sound and act as airfoils during flight, and have a great range of motion available to them. This allows them to react in accordance to Necross' emotions similar to those of canines, though not to the same level of movement.


Necross has an elongated snout with two large nostrils near the forefront. It is arranged with sharp molars and slightly pronounced canines, none of which stick out when his mouth is closed. His dark pink tongue is unusually long and prehensile with four barbell piercings evenly spaced along the muscle and ending in a forked tip. The barbells in order of color are red (front), purple, black, and white (rear).


He has a mane of dark persian indigo hair with a strong luster thanks to his eastern dragon heritage. The mane is worn long, flowing between and around his horns to cascade down his back, almost reaching his waist. The length and thickness also causes it to cover the upper portion of Necross' spinal ridges. In addition, his eastern dragon heritage bestows him with two long tendrils adorning his upper lip below his nostrils. They are the same color as his mane and are the basis to three of his senses.


Necross possesses a two-toned scale pattern with his primary being midnight black with a dark violet highlight and the second a dark crimson red. His midnight black scales cover the majority of his body starting at his head and covering all of it except the spiny portions of his ear rays. They continue down the back of his neck to cover his entire back and along his sides and hips, as well as covering most of his tail. The black scales also trail down his arms and legs before they stop around mid-forearm and calf, where they dull into a lighter shade in a sock-esque fashion. Necross' dark crimson scales extend over his underbelly to cover most of his chest and stomach, with only a minor amount of black bordering around them. They extend further to cover his groin area and inner thighs trails before turning back to run along the underside of his tail. Necross' scales are relatively soft and smooth, with the soles of his footpaw being the only real place where they are rougher. His scales all have a solid sheen over them that can only be noticed by light reflecting off it.


His skull is adorned with a set of pearly white horns that extend backwards along his head, just above his ears. They are thicker around the base and have a slight upward curve to them as they trail out into a sharp tip.

Scale Ridges

Necross is also adorned with a ridge of blood red spines that are imbedded in his skin and anchored to his skeleton by ligaments. They are softer and more flexible than his horns and protrude vertically from the top of his back, extending down to the tip of his tail. These spines have a backwards curve and are connected by a waving line of black frills between them which help keep Necross stable when flying. The spines and frills both have greater mobility than his horns, allowing them to be raised and lowered at whim.


His forepaws possess four fingers along with an opposable thumb which are tipped by retractable white claw that are clean and bright in color. However, his footpaws only have three large toes of equal size which sprout large white talons that curve slightly. They also have a fourth talon that extends out from the back of both heels. The curvature of his talons typically causes them to click against the ground and floors as he walks.


Necross has a prehensile tail that extends from the base of his spine and acts as in extension of his spinal column. The tail is exceptionally long as it measures out at exactly thirteen feet (~156 cm) and contributes to over half of his overall length. His scales are separated by a three-to-one ratio with his black scales covering the majority of the top and sides. The red scales only extend along the underside while bordered slightly by the black and end just a little before the tip. They are arranged in a series of numerous crisscrossing rows that overlap with one another to leave little exposed space. His tail is very muscular in appearance with strong corded muscles running along its entire length and thins out only slightly towards a spade-shaped tip. The red scales on top of this shape are arranged in the design of a heart with its top and bottom portions open and three lines striking over each side.


His wings are attached to his upper back, separate from his arms, and resemble those of a bat in appearance and structure. They are covered with similar black scales and a solid sheen over them while their membranes are the same shade of color on the backs. The membranes are unique in that the frontal sides also have a multitude of tiny white diamonds on them, resembling a night sky full of stars. They have a very large 7.3 m (~ 24') wingspan when fully extended but can be neatly folded when compacted along his back. There is a wicked, blood red spiked protrusion at the tip of each wing's fingers and two claws on each of the wrists. Necross can manipulate the fours claws at his wing wrists like primitive hands, allowing him to grasp with six total limbs.

species Eastern-Western Dragon mixbreed
gender male from Georgia, U.S.A.
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Alathazar Sajuuk 4 days ago
Glad you liked the sketch. :) thanks for the fav and stuffs. ^_____^
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You're welcome.
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Thanks for the stars, you're a sexy dragon :)
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Gotta say very descriptive description you got there :)
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Thanks, most of my character drafts and sonas follow the same length of descriptions.
Dubstep Otter 2 weeks ago
I applaud you good sir, I would be FAR to lazy to do that myself...
SkyWing 2 weeks ago
Heh, this is really a past-time thing for when my drive for writing isn't going anywhere. I've done it for a couple other people too. I've done an otter before too, a character for a friend's story but he was a unique one. *chuckles* Purple fur is very different.
Dubstep Otter 2 weeks ago
Well purple is different, gotta say when I eventually make a description for my own otter it might be a little more common colored....
SkyWing 2 weeks ago
I could help ya if you wanted. Just provide me a couple details and I could make it for you. *chuckles* Pretty easy for me after doing about twenty or so, and only been getting more descriptive.
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Fair enough, I been really busy and in a terrible place lately, so I really appreciate it. Thanks for the reads! It keeps me motivated. Got a couple of outlines done, hopefully tomorrow I can blast out two more chaps in the morning before work! One can hope!
SkyWing 4 weeks ago
I hope NOT! *chuckles* If you do, then I have to wait all day through work to get to read them.
Zynnis 4 weeks ago
Lol, I feel yah. I run the story in my head all day. I need it to get on the paper and out of my head. I still have to go through and re-edit every part after it's done. Lol