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About RioNightshade62450

Real Life Me:

  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Male /Endo-Herm
  • I am a simple Realistic, Anime, and Anthro artist and Roleplayer,

(If you like to RP message me, I am more than happy to RP)

  • I enjoy others and love to meet new people,
  • I am Pansexual but lean more to the gay spectrum due to that personality quality. <3


Name: Rio Nightshade

  • Age: 21
  • Species: Wolf (Alpha)
  • Orientation: Gay
  • Appearance: Sky Blue and White fur. Dark Blue tips on ears and white fluff on his underneath tail. Green eyes. 5'11" 190 lbs of muscle.
  • Cock: 10 inch, Prince Albert piercing, Uncut
  • Two male symbols on right hip, three claw marks on left side under ribs/on.
  • Favorite Activity: Soccer, Swimming, and Art
  • College Teams: College Soccer Team, College Swim Team
  • Sexual Position: Dom Versatile

Name - Wallie Erving

  • Age - 25
  • Gender - Male
  • Species - Marsupial (Kangaroo)
  • Orientation - Bisexual
  • Appearance - Blue-Gray coat with white jaw and belly, Dark Gray Hair in a Fauxhawk style, He has a white star fur patch on his left but cheek. 5'10" tall, 175lbs, Slim build with large ears and muscular legs. Emerald Green eyes.
  • Cock - 7 1/2 inch, Cut.
  • Personality - Friendly and Optimistic, he keeps himself busy working with herbs and other medicinal items (owns his own Herbal medicine shop), a bit scatter brained and stuburn, Very outgoing and a social butterfly.
  • Skills/Abilities - Wallie has the ability to see the dead who have yet to pass on or have been stuck on our astral plane. He also has the sight of evil and good aura's. He only can sense these aura's once they are being forced against him. He has the ability to help those he see pass on and to influence the aura's of others if they are not directly effecting him. Unfortunately the draw back on his abilities are that once he has used the sight he becomes weaker and in a shadow trance, meaning his eyes faint in color and his optomistic personality diminished whilst in the trance.
  • Sexual Position: Versitile

Name - James

  • Age - 23
  • Gender - Male
  • Species - Golden Retriever
  • Orientation - Gay
  • Appearance - Golden Yellow fur, fluffy hair. Left eye is Green and Right Eye is blue. He has a septum nose ring (similar to a bull's).
  • Cock Size - 8 inch, Pierced under his balls, Uncut.
  • Personality -
  • Occupation - Owns his own Organic Farm (Farmer)
  • Sexual Position - Submissive
species Polar Bear/Wolf/Bobcat/Kangaroo/Golden Retriver
gender male from Olney, United States
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Latest Journal posted 11 Nov 2013

Soon I am going to be posting up a few scenario's with some of my fursona's in gang bang and three-way positions with place's to spare for other character's in it. I was posting this journal to see how much hype I could get out of it. If you would like to see your own fursona in on the raunchy, sexual orgy image respond and join the hot sex-cupaids. ;)

Hope I can gather a lot of dicks and/or herm type fursona's to join in on the fun times!~ ;)

Signed- Rio NIghtshade, Art Whore Glory!!~

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