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species Arctic wolf
gender male from Australia, nsw
loves Adventure, Animated, Anime likes Action, Bisexual, Cuddling tolerates Censored, Clean, F/F hates Neutering
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Latest Journal posted 14 Dec 2011

So, as the title suggests im taking a temporary leave from the site to sort out my life and get on top of everything i should be back within about 2 weeks or so, when i get back i'll have the new chapter for my story etc, anyways take care everyone and good luck with whatever you do (xD?) :p *Hugs* 

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Beowulf1990 2 years ago
I just stared at your sig for like 5 minutes straight.

Sky_Fox 2 years ago
Lol xD gotten that alot since i put it there.
GothBear 2 years ago
Thanx for the fav! <3
Sky_Fox 2 years ago
Np ^^