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About Crawfordwolf
Species: Werewolf
Age: 18
Name: Crawfordwolf/ CR
Fur color: Dark brown
Fur length: keep trimmed
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 260lbs
About me: I'm a country boy that knows his manners but will fight if challenged or for love and family/friends. I have a scar from my eyebrow to my cheek, over my left eye from a fight.
species Werewolf
gender male
6 submissions 3,025 page views 41 comments received 29 comments posted 1,057 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 09 Mar 2012

Hey guys, if you enjoy my art and my half ass story tht me and my ex are working on, there will be one more chapter, ima have my ex crownedclown post it then im deleting my profile, im sorry to any fans I have

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Crawfordwolf 2 years ago
Your very welcome bub, and anytime you ever wana just talk send me a message.
triplexXxWerewolf 2 years ago
Hey, thanks for commenting on my story! First i've gotten for the first, um, "season" of TDTTR.
*shakes your paw*