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Amateur graphics designer and animator with a passion for video games and geek culture.

The Scaley guy you see all over my work is Vergence! He's my fursona! Or scalesona. Big flowy scarfs are awesome. If it were cold here and I happened to have a giant fan i'de totally wear one.

My aims on SoFurry is to make Vergence a fun and interesting character, make some neat friends, meet my favourite artists and try my hand at animating when I get the chance.

Want to take my tipping virginity? <3!

Don't forget to vote for what free animation i should do next with the Community choice journal!

Click here for my comission price list!

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Free slot 1:
Matoc Waiting on image
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Togepi1125: x4
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species Lizard
gender male from Australia
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Latest Journal posted 15 Aug 2012

The Jasonafoox Birthday Bronanza Has come to a close! Big thanks to everyone who took the time to enter!

SO NOW IT'S TIME TO REVEAL THEM WINNERS! "But Jason!" you ask, with big puppy dog eyes. "You said only ONE person would win a free animation!" I LIED.

Congratulations to the following fine chaps who drew me purdy pictures, you win free stuff! In no particular order, besides the one i've given them:

1.) Smoke Screen Skirmish By the wonderous Sajik! Designed a brand new set of armor just for this fanart and it looks awesome! Love how it's also an action pose with a busy background!

2.) Future Corp By the ever daring iconLyk! Made a neat sword for Vergence to swing about! Also helps that the entire fanart is radiating badassery.

3.) PULL! By the boopy he_Librarian! Really clever action scene thats bursting with personality, also helmets!

 You guys n' gals win a free animation of your choice! Just note me when you want to cash it i...


SkyWing 1 month ago
Love all your animations Jason, the QGWF one I found over on e621.
Alathazar Sajuuk 3 months ago
Just stole the shit out of your tipping Virginity... :3


Keep up the wonderful work! :3
Shadow Slayer 6 months ago
Is this person still active? These animations are great. Would be a shame if he's gone.
THE BIOHAZARD 5 months ago
he is just not on sofurry he still uploads on furaffinity
Puddles 8 months ago
i saw a lot of your art on sankaku complex
Sinon 8 months ago
Great animation skills, I look forward to seeing your future work.
clockwork spazzy 10 months ago
I just wanted to say that your animations are stunning . I'm a huge fan .
Dragunov 11 months ago
Oh sweet you're on here too, hey Jasonafex! Have a watch dude, awesome animations as always, and also I wish you a good day ^^ xxx
nassarend 1 year ago
wow, good animations you have .3.
Tiger37 1 year ago
Very nice art worl!!!!
Doow 1 year ago
I'm so sorry to hear you're retracting to other sites. :/ I've grown to really enjoy your work on the frontpage. Don't suppose I could sway you to change your mind? o: