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Okay, remaking this info once again...

My characters i make are NOT anthro, they are quadruped! REMEMBER THAT! (and i just figured out what those two meant, im being serious)

So, so far i have 3 main characters, all being Phynts. Tooth, female; Scrow, male; and then theres Raze (which will be announced in part 6 of the story)

as a lot of people probably havent read my story, i might as well explain a Phynt... Ya know what? forget it, i have two pictures i made of them...


(Sorry, i just read LaRuna's page, and i wanted to be clear)

So anywho... yeah... stuff...

if you want read my story.. DON'T try and force yourself to read my story just cause i asked! if you dont want to i understand! i SUCK at writing!
species Phynt
gender male
loves Arctic Wolf, Canine, Dragon likes Afghan hound, Anime, Bondage tolerates Cat, Clean, Dingo hates Alien, BDSM, Bukkake
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Latest Journal posted 14 Apr 2012

Man I migrated to DeviantArt... I don't think I'll do much here...


Oh yeah, my story... if it gets enough attention I guess I'd continue it, if not, then I'll just post it to deviantart for no reason :p


Well, if you want my deviant art then just ask, I wanna make sure people actually WANT it before I post it :I


So yush, I don't think I'll be coming here much... like EVER, except to see if you respond.

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happy new year everyone!
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Merry christmas to you too
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Hey there, thanks for the watch and thanks again for the nice comments on my story :)
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No Problem! ;)
novastar 2 years ago
I'm watching you now. So don't think you can get away with ANYTHING. I'll know right away if you try.
hvgn123 2 years ago
Ok Ok! I won't do anything wrong! but remember, i got my eyes on YOU too!
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Hello there :3
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Hi :)
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Welcome to So Furry
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