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About NightRaider214
Heya All im the mysterious and loving Night Raider and I am mostly a fox lol :P. Well anyways my artwork is mostly traditional which here means paper and pencil and if anybody wants to ask for a request drawing of their character fill free I dont bite :3.

Well to know what to expect from me is that I am part ghost which means I can go throw stuff without ppl seeing me and scare pplz. I am a death Scythe which can turn into any weapon I want, I have unlimited supply of magic powers which means during sometimes in chat or stream I tend to sit while floating in mid air. And finally im a mad scientist that makes weird stuff and gadgets etc
species Fox
gender male from Huntingdon, PA
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TateShaw 1 year ago
thanks for the fav man
NightRaider214 1 year ago
No Prob x3
kiranking007 2 years ago
doing school art projects and hangging out in the schools student center with friends as i work on them
NightRaider214 2 years ago
hehehe kewls!! x3
kiranking007 2 years ago
NightRaider214 2 years ago
Nothing much!! and U?? :3
kiranking007 2 years ago
hey dude
NightRaider214 2 years ago
Heya Kiran :3