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Okay, time to get a proper profile up in this bitch. The name is Jade, and I'm a cherret (1/2 cheetah, 1/2 ferret). I know you can't tell from the pics, but that's a lazy artist for you. I'm very much in love with art and animation (traditional), and have a habit of getting VERY passionate/opinionated when I'm talking about either one. I'm an extremely firm believer that going to an art-school doesn't make you an artist (been to two myself, and left both before getting my degree), and an even bigger believer that most students in art-school aren't actually there for the reasons they keep telling themselves. This goes double for anyone going for a degree in "game-design".

I don't have a 'set' way of doing art. I use whatever tools I need to, so that the picture will look the best it possibly can. On that note, I'd like to say that many of the pics in my gallery are done for practice or some other similar goal.

To close, one last major point: I. LOVE. CRITIQUES.

Seriously, I've done gift-art for people just because they give a critique (note: this is not guaranteed).

species Cherret
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Latest Journal posted 02 Sep 2013

Howdy everyone!  I went through a bit of a disappearing act for a while, but am glad to say that I'm finally back and in the full-swing of things!  I first want to say thank you to everyone who has watched, voted, or fav'd.  It shows me that I'm definitely heading in the right direction.  

Second order of business!  Who's all going to RainFurrest!?  


Uzukitty 1 month ago
i love your work.. are you still taking suggestions for your anthro/human smexehness?
langwidax 7 months ago
You have wonderful work XD
Pentanthin 8 months ago
Your work is truly wonderful and amazing
thecherretawaits 7 months ago
Thank you kindly! :3
ChillFireWolf 8 months ago
Some damn fine artwork here sir.
thecherretawaits 7 months ago
Much appreciated! <3
rynson 1 year ago
Hi. Thanks for the watch!
Heaven5Hell 1 year ago
It's Thien, Add Me when ur on! XD and your profile name is really cute. XD
MrCoal 2 years ago
Love the animations!
Io 2 years ago
Hey! *Pounces, Hugs & Licks* I hope you're doing fine & in good health wishing you & yours the happiness of Xmas & all the best of this coming New Year!

Reaver2kl4u 2 years ago
Ey no worries XD Thanks =3
Clockwise 2 years ago
Hello to you too and it was my pleasure, sir! c: