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About cyndro
Hai there all ^-^

I'm just a silly cute dragon who is just new on this website and wishes to see how it is =3

love to meet now people. I do RP i LOVE to rp =3

and comission? hehe...i am not good enhough for that *rubs the back of my head in a silly way*

Anywho, lets see how this website is shall we? =3

Is there anything you want or wish to know. sent me a message

~Nero out
species dragon
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 15 Feb 2012

i a back!


sorry that i was away for over 2 months, had some problems woth sofurry (not the people on it, i could not get it) but now i finaly can! :3

so i will upload some art later on. so i hope you all will like them ^^

more information comes later!



Darrell Lane 2 years ago
I added you to my watchlist specifically because of your name ^_^
cyndro 2 years ago
SHOUT!! lol