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About Valentine Blackwell
P.S, my likes and loves are in the hate section, sorry. >.<

Age: 19

Species: he is a mix of demon and wolfen blood, his demon side comes from a ancient, powerful race of demons, the first out if pandoras box actually. The wolf blood comes from his mother, a alpha female.

Sex: male.

Sexual orientation: males/females/herms

Height and weight: 10feet 9inches, weighs 172pounds.

Clothing: he wears a white shirt and old euopean vest with matching, very large trousers that have chains on each side. He wears in winter a ling, black trench coat.( I like black. ) Plus he wears a collar and leash combo.

History: he was orphaned at a young age and sent to a very abusive orphanage, there he stayed for several years until the head mistress from a brothel came looking for a strong, young male who was eager to learn. She adopted him and brought him to the brothel where he became very loved with the other prostitutes, one in particular would let him suckle milk from her breast when he was hungry or thirsty. After several years the head mistress passed away, leaving the brothel in his care.
species Wolf/demon
gender male
loves Inpregnation hates 69, African, Anatomically Correct
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