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Welcome to my profile! If you'd like to see more of my work, head over to Deviantart and visit Khomaa!

Content on Khomaa will be generally SFW content and Sofurry content will be generally NSFW.
My Sofurry and it's contents is mainly serving as an outlet for things not directly related to Silent Save for the Wind (a novel in progress) which includes characters, timeline and stories. You can assume that the characters here and their stories exist in a different time than SSftW or at least a while before or after much of SSftW takes place (stories may overlap but won't occur at the same time entirely)
It will also serve as an outlet for me to get the love-bug out of my system while I work on SSftW so I'm not tempted to insert romance into it, or at least too much of it especially where it's not needed or shouldn't be.
gender female from Oklahoma City, USA
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Latest Journal posted 04 Mar 2014

The next chapters for Kausmak and Boosting Morale are coming soon. :)  I haven't forgotten. 

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