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"Welcome welcome welcome to my page, this is where I get to introduce you to me!" Tail twitches side to side excitedly. "Now just so everybody is aware of something before we get to the nitty-gritty........this description and introduction is not a reflection of my personal RP skills. Just putting that out there. I am by no means a multi-paragraph-er but am well off and capable of sending out 4-10 sentences or more per post. That being said I also hate describing myself...." Eye twitches. "Hence why this will be lack-luster compared to how I RP, if you wish to see the fox.......well then go and look at the pics I will put up! They are all my own personal art I have purchased and are myself specifically......so no generic fox pics for anyone! Just lots of meeee!" Beams proudly as his vanity is showing. "So without further ado let me pop down a few lines and see what I can drum up for you all to glean about me." 


Standing off to the side one would see a fairly looking average male fur from a distance, coming closer it would soon become apparent one was dealing with a fur of the vulpine variety. Going closer it was easy to determine he was average height for his species, standing at full height at 5'8 [not counting the ears]. His head devoid of any stylized headfurs preferring to let it grow in that natural orangish-red hue his species was known for. His entire body at first glance showed all of the typical marking for a fox his type, the only distinguishable marking out of place would be the tear-shaped black birth-mark resting on his face just under the right eye. His overall build could be chalked up as muscular but only just so, leaning more towards lithe and thin than bulky and built. Going lower and moving all around the place it was easy to spot his massive tail making a right nuisance of itself, sometimes just hanging there......other times flicking all over the place. The tip of said appendage sometimes perking up and seeming to look around like a periscope it would seem. It would be noted due to some physiological alterations the male vulpine did have expert control over said tail, meaning he can and often uses it as another limb and not just something to cuddle. Going back up to his face we see well groomed and shaped features all along his muzzle, soft tender looking lips often splitting into a wry smile given the situation really. Up a little higher a pair of silver square-rim glasses would be resting midway up along the bridge of his muzzle, more often than not though he was looking over them and no through them.......for good reason. A little higher and one comes to his eyes, two icy blue orbs with a little more sheen to them than one might normally see. Don't be surprised if on your first meeting with him those eyes begin to glow and flit over you from head to toe......it's normal at this point for him to do that.......call it a quirk. Attitude wise he loves to laugh, taking any opportunity to do so even if it is at his own expense. Unlike most foxes you might come across he is not going to just simply roll over and be the stereotypical slut-puppy. He is the oddball complete 50/50 split, being bi and a perfect switch. He happily beds all genders and has taken every position......it depends on his mood or how you conduct yourself really..........though if you want anything from him he expects to be approached like you have some common decency or at least a minimum of competency............meaning if you walk up to him and just go for the grope, you are going to end up being lifted by your ankle into the air by his tail tip. He probably will not hurt you.......probably........just don't think you can use your size to get the better of him. He is more than happy to be submissive if asked just as easily as being a dom, you only have to ask......not so hard is it? Now if you still have any question about him, just ask him......he does not mind in the least bit. Walk right up and go...."Why do your eyes glow sometimes? What is the deal with that tail? Why are you always snapping your finger and making weird things happen?" He is more than happy to answer if asked.........and for anyone simply interested in the details of other things......well that is something you should ask in person.


[On a small side note just to let it be known I am above flexible, I am male so of course my character is male.....however if you would like a male-herm or cuntboi for something in particular I have no issue playing as one for the right person.]

Now all that aside and moving on I am an art collector. I love having my characters brought to life and drawn for me to see and display. I am also a dabbler [heavy emhapsis on the dabble D: ] in writing and poetry. Oddly enough I am praised for my RP skills, but sit me down alone to write something and my brain goes to mush! Now for anyone who might be wondering about my name the full details are Tyrse Josh Styles......and you prounounce Tyrse as you would tears[the things that fall out your eye hole when you cry XD] Or if you want to be lazy everyone else calls me Ty.

species Red Fox
gender male from Williamston, USA
loves Action, Adolescent, Adult likes 3D, 69, 420 tolerates 8-bit, ACEO, Abduction hates 70s, 80s, ASB
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I went out and about and finally squeezed my rear back into my black jeans and wide double studded belt with matching shoes and shirt ^_^

I always feel so awesome walking around in that.............the pants have the power! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jnCcejkpjg

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Vortex-Dragon 2 years ago
Thank you very much for teh watch! <3
deerdigger 2 years ago
do you pehaps have an Im we could talk on? toy seem nice.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago
sure i sent you a pm, we can chat if you want
deerdigger 2 years ago
thank you so much. I appreciate your kindness. :)
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago
Np a kind word here and there just makes the world that much better ;p
GTHusky 2 years ago
Hi! I'm finally done with your drawing. I hope you like it :) http://www.sofurry.com/view/333155
Kwolf123 2 years ago
Shout box successfully invaded :3
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago
Ahhh a good campaign then, well move out men! XD
Killerwolf1020 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch ^^
Haluam 2 years ago
thanks for the watch and fav! check out Zambuka's work. (thats the artist i commissioned for this) http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zambuka/
Kindar 2 years ago
thanks for watching and faving part 1 of lion tiger and bears
I hear you are new to sofurry :)
Welcome :)
Tygepc 2 years ago
Thank you for the 5!