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Hello and welcome to my profile peeps. o,o

So what to say about me.

I am a lil foxy from Austria.. I will upload pics that people draw for me and of course my naughty and evil stories. Though some of them can be violent or brutal. Of course i ll also do some normal ones, always depanding on how my mood is striking me. 

Well if there are any questions or stuff like this or if you just want to talk or whatever just write me a pm or contact me over icq. I am not going to bite...well at least not if you dont want that... XD.

Just as general warning. I like a few extreme fetishes. Like Vore ((hard and soft)) Also cooking and snuff. And it can be that i will upload such smut too. I just want you to know this before you watch me. *giggles and blushes*




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Latest Journal posted 29 Apr 2012

Hey Hey all,


So yeah right now i am totally excited. As many of you most likely know is that this weekend we had an more or less open Guild Wars 2 Beta.


So i feel like talking a bit about that game. So far i can say it is really awesome. Why is that so? I'll explain.


First thing is that i never got bored. From the very first second i started the game there was action. No boring introduction quests that make you bring a delivery of beer to a restaurant. Ya know the usual boring starts mmo's can have. No there was a huge boss fight for the beginning with tons of people taking part in the fight. After that you have the choice to go for your story missions or instantly start exploring the area.


So since this is the beta i didnt feel like doing the story stuff. Things like that i'd rather do in the full release. Ok, so i started exploring the world. I dont know how much you know about GW2 but this game does not have the usual Quest system like ...

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Taismo 6 months ago
hensley 11 months ago
you ok ? i dont know what might be going on but i hope your ok
KayrinSF 1 year ago
Hey man, thanks a lot for the watch! I really appreciate the support. :)
JhJ 1 year ago
No problem. Keep up the tasty work *chuckles*

hensley 1 year ago
i miss you lots
JhJ 1 year ago
Yeah i know i am not the most active at the moment. Hopefully i ll get my shit together soon and get some new stuff out there.
Angrynightmob 1 year ago
Thanks for the Fave and Watch! :D
JhJ 1 year ago
No problem : )
Greaver 1 year ago
Thanks a ton for the watch, faves & votes :3
JhJ 1 year ago
NP, hope to see more from you : )

Onyx-panther 1 year ago
Thanks for the favorite, Much appreciated! it helps to know i'm loved X3
JhJ 1 year ago
NP... i think we might even know us.. I am not sure maybe i am confusing some information but i guess we used to play on eka's. Some know me as "Jacko" there.

Onyx-panther 1 year ago
Eka's portal? Trust me, you've got the information mixed then. though i AM on eka's portal, i go by the username from when i hadn't found out i was a furry yet. i've considered starting a new account, but i'd lose all my favorites. So i'll build up the one i've got.
JhJ 1 year ago
Hehe ok sorry for that then : )
Onyx-panther 1 year ago
Nah, Not at all. you favorited and watched, didn't you? that obviously means my stories were worthy of a few minutes of YOUR time. That makes me proud, Knowing that.
jami31 2 years ago
you are watching me--thank you for your support! i'll try to keep writing entertaining stuff.
yamavu 2 years ago
Oh hi
Phantomgraph 2 years ago
Hey thanks for dropping a comment and stuff. I'll do my best! (Comments always welcome!)
JhJ 2 years ago
You are more then welcome. If you need help of any kind feel free to drop me a pm : )