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About Onyx Tao
I'm a writer in my not very copious spare time; in the past year I've completed a furry novel (well, a fantasy novel about minotaurs and humans) which is ... well, it could be better. But it could be worse, too. It's all here, under a Creative Commons license (as is most of my work).

Also here are a number of shorter stories, set in various universes with various characters and situations. They are here for your enjoyment, and should you enjoy them, I would appreciate your saying so.

Onyx Tao
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Latest Journal posted 09 Apr 2014


Onyx Tao and the Changed License

A Brief Explanation By Onyx Tao
This Text is Released to Public Domain

I have changed the license under which I distribute my stories. Here's an example of the new one:

Creative Commons License
I, Dacien by Onyx Tao is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Chapter Twenty-Four: Interlude V

The change is that this license is no longer NC (No Commercial Use). My original intent with NC is that...


Perrin Wolfbrother 2 days ago
Being watched by you it's truly an honor I don't really deserve. Thank you icon_biggrin.gif
Onyx Tao 1 day ago
Hola Perrin Wolfbrother --

We will have to disagree on that; I think the watch is fully merited :-)

Perrin Wolfbrother 1 day ago
Well, thank you icon_redface.gif Hope you will like my other stories!
kleet 2 weeks ago
Stumbled across this - - not sure if Xavien's master of slave used different names. Might be useful for his next one.
Onyx Tao 2 weeks ago
... probably something like that, yes :-)
Astalis 2 months ago
Of course. You're stories are very inspiring. I hope to show off some of my orc-inspired artwork to you sooner rather than later. :)
Vexxus 3 months ago
Thankies for watching me ^ ^ Enjoy my stories!
THE BIOHAZARD 3 months ago
Merry christmas
DrPepperFiend 4 months ago Scar is biding his time until the next chapter of I, Dacien.
Onyx Tao 4 months ago
It's a cute GIF, but ... I'm not sure I quite get the relevance ...
DrPepperFiend 4 months ago
There is no relevance. It's just a cute GIF.
Leon Steelpaw 7 months ago
I keep running into you in places around here, so watching you makes the most sense to me. So here's a icepack for the bruises.
firefromheaven 8 months ago
DING! DING! DING! DING! We have a winner! LOL

Thanks for the 100th favorite on Reverse Cowboy!

Onyx Tao 8 months ago
Oh? Is that so? I ... I hadn't noticed ;-)
Greywynd Kovic 10 months ago
:p .. I keep going back and re-reading, to ensure I remember it all :)
Onyx Tao 10 months ago
Oddly enough, so do I ... usually for some forgotten name ;-)
Aaron LonePaws 11 months ago
Oh yeah! Thanks for the watch! :3