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Hey all, dont really know what to put here, I haven't really much to say about myself. You want to get to know me? you have to try. Reach out and say hello, I don't bite, much.

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Latest Journal posted 14 Jul 2012

Warning, this is a Rant, it expresses my views and mine alone, if you share my views than more power too you, if not, i dont care, you are entitled to your opinions as well as i am. if you are reading this just to leave a stupid comment about how my opinions are wrong then you are wasting your time. because i dont care what you think. its called an opinion for a reason. anyways, lets begin


I'm fed up with it... I used to love Battlefield 3, but now its turned into what cod used to be for me. nothing but me bitching about the game and the people in it and pulling my hair out.

When you land a hitmarker on a guy thats at a full run from half way across the map and hes still alive. thats frustrating. when you shoot a guy four times with a pistol but he one shots you with his gun, DX <- thats an angry face by the way.

my ranting list of things wrong with battlefield...

-Snipers who do nothing but run you over with the MAV because they are too chickenshit or lack enough t...

BuckSaber 2 years ago
Thanks for watching!