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Online I'm known as Magnus, or Weremagnus, which is also the name of my main character the snaggle-toothed goofy looking dragon with enormous glasses. I am a professional illustrator in the gaming industry, I work on an online game for kids. Everything I upload here is personal stuff/unrelated to my job.

I'm not exclusive to creating anthropomorphic/furry content, though I certainly enjoy drawing it most of all (along with creatures, monsters and other things with big teeth). I love fursuiting as well!

When I'm not working on projects, I'm usually playing with my dog, reading or playing on my PS3! 

species Were-Dragon
gender female from Canada
loves Avian, Bat, Cartoony likes 3D, Adventure, Animated
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Latest Journal posted 25 Feb 2012


Hey everyone. I have never advertised my Livestream here before but thought I'd toss the link out there in case anyone is interseted. I am just sketching tonight. Typically I have an overhead cam set up above my sketchbook but I don't have the things required to do that yet (just moved) so it will be digital tonight.


InkTeeth 2 months ago
Glad to see another person separating from that trashcan known as FurAffinity.
Gareth Gryphonclaw 8 months ago
You've got a really adorable art style, but why do you always end up looking like a villainous guy after too much, uh, coffee?
weremagnus 8 months ago
Hahh, thanks? Also, do you mean my style ends up looking like that or my character Magnus?
Gareth Gryphonclaw 8 months ago
Your style looks adorable, but you end up looking villainous and caffinated. It makes me think you stay up late getting stuff done.
RedWhiteFeather 1 year ago
Yay for avian lover and great art ^v^
RuiShi 1 year ago
I've loved watching your style change and improve over the years and I adore the stage you are at now! :>
NinjaMadi 1 year ago
Wow ! your art is really amazing ! all your characters are so unique :D !!!

Are you on Deviant art by any chance ?
weremagnus 1 year ago
Hi thankyou! Yes I am, under the same username weremagnus.deviantart.com
Patto 1 year ago
_lycheemonster 1 year ago
oh hey! :>
Treats 1 year ago

I apparently know nothing of this place, I try mass-uploading and oh my god all hell breaks loose. WHAT AM I DOING
weremagnus 1 year ago
I tried doing that when I joined and it confused the balls out of me. IDEK I single upload like a goon c:
Forge 1 year ago
RedDyeNo5 1 year ago
:) thanks for the watch and fav!
Totally honored! > w<
weremagnus 1 year ago
No prob dude! I friggin' love your Kenku character :D
RedDyeNo5 1 year ago
There needs to be moooore... I have to get back to that guy and polish him up!