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species Hellhound mix
gender female
loves Anthro, Athlete, Badge likes Anatomically Correct, Clean, First Person tolerates Anime, Apophysis, Donut hates Sushi, Yiffstar Art Contest 2007, beer
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Gaikotsu 2 years ago
Here's my part:
Hope you like it!
TameraAli 2 years ago
C: Thanks for the watch and fave! Your work is quite lovely too <3
XxNeonFreakxX 2 years ago
thanks ^^
Gaikotsu 2 years ago
Thank you so much for the watch! I'm watching you back. ;>
uberxtechnic 2 years ago
Hi, thank you for watching! -^ ^-
Ellenthewolfgirl 2 years ago
Again, xD
Not a problem at all! you have a great talent! <3
Ellenthewolfgirl 2 years ago
not a problem at all! <3