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Latest Journal posted 13 Jan 2014

Hello all,

As you may have noticed I just put out the next installment to my supernatural story Bump. It is coming along roughly but should pick up shortly as well.

On that note I also have two other HUGE stories in the work. A sci-fi one and a fantasy one.

I also am working on another Dog Gone story as well.

And will be bringing the super hero one back (though unsure when its still on hiatus). 

So look forward to this new year! 

Only problem is? My main computer died on me so I got to use a my half broken laptop so...yeah.... ><


Cheetah Joe 1 month ago
I gotta say, I became a fan of your work from Catnundrum and have been feeling a bit of withdrawal recently. If I may ask, are there going to be any updates soon?
Roofles 1 month ago
I do have the next chapter mostly written and finished just needs a proof read and an ending mainly but got the whole brain fart, writers boulder stoppin me' busy badger as well~
Expect an update soon
Cheetah Joe 1 month ago
Oooh! You've got me excited now. :D
Otoq 1 month ago
Hi, Just finished Dog Gone 10, but 11 seems to be missing. Could you please reupload it? Thank you :)
sangheilinerd 2 months ago
are you going to continue ocean depths?
Roofles 2 months ago
Eventually yes. It's kind of going to be a misc update though due to my muse focusing on other things
GabrielClyde 2 months ago
Badger badger badger badger......


Hey badger, thanks for your stories Im just catching up now :)

brianjasperfurry 3 months ago
Buddy! ^^
brianjasperfurry 3 months ago
Hi, just another fur here who had read some of your stories.

Just wanna say, awesome writing man :)
Roofles 3 months ago
thxs :3
brianjasperfurry 3 months ago
no problem ^^
redwolf790 5 months ago
What happened to chapters 8, 9, 10, and 11 of "Dog Gone"?
MXhusky 8 months ago
Will just another high school story be continued?
Roofles 8 months ago
I think so yes. During my whole "big cat phase" i'm going through high school story does in fact have a tiger if i'm not mistaken. Besides I think there are a few more chapters i need to find hidden on my computer and then yes i will continue it hehe
MXhusky 8 months ago
Awesome thanks for the info
renton420 1 year ago
k thanks : ] cant wait then
renton420 1 year ago
roofels if it douesnt hurt yo asK[sorry if i mispelled ur name wrong} but can u uh do a repeat on the human male/otter accpeet by addinh compansion and little bit of domiance only tords the otter thoe i think otter are fuckining apla u feel me >=]
Roofles 1 year ago
I think so, heh