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I am 21. Love anything dragon as long as they are friendly. I live in N/W Arkansas in the country. And yes i do have dragon tatoos.
species Human/Dragon Hybrid
gender male
loves 69, Animated, Anime likes 3D, Abra, Afghan hound tolerates Anal vore, B-snakes, BBW hates Survey
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Xypher 1 year ago
Thanks for the Watch and Fave!
Brunvindr 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave.
Of The Wilds 1 year ago
Thanks so much for joining the Dragon In The Dungeon group! Hope you've been well, lately. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on some recent Dragon In The Dungeon installments when you get a chance to read!
Can't say I've been too good lately. But I have read some of your preveiw and I think it is great. Can't wait to see it on paper. lol
Of The Wilds 1 year ago
Ah, I wasn't sure if you were all caught up through Blood For Blood or not! Thanks though, glad you enjoyed it! Hope you're doing better yourself soon, too!
I've had a good day today and my issues have been taken care of. I'll be reading a lot more and getting caught up. May take a while though lol. And I've got a story bouncing around my head. Maybe you will get to see my first story soon.
Of The Wilds 1 year ago
Ah, very glad to hear it! And can't wait to hear what you think. Your first story huh, sounds good to me!
Amethyst Mare 1 year ago
Thanks for faving!
Of The Wilds 1 year ago
Heya! Haven't seen ya around lately. Hope you've been well!
Wolf With Pen 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave!
jukesman54 1 year ago
Thx dude!
Of The Wilds 1 year ago
Thanks very much for faving "Dragon In The Dungeon: Never Alone"!
Of The Wilds 2 years ago
Thanks very much for the Watch, the Fav, and the awesome comment on Dragon In The Dungeon!
Nalz 2 years ago
Glad you like the story, yo.