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I'm 18, male.... I'm interested in meeting new people..... So people feel free to message me. I'm always energetic, and can be a really nice guy. I have some weird things about me, but who doesn't on this site, but, I like feet..... In fact love feet, ALOT.... I'm very wisper friendly, and I'm currently seeking a new mate, preferably a female, that is fine with me having a foot fetish. I'm a dragon that is about the size of a lion, and I'm covered with fur that makes me very soft and fun to cuddle with :). But don't let the cuteness on the outside fool you, I can be a fierce fighter, when need be. I also tend to spend most of my time in my kingdom, called the Crimson Forest.... Don't be shy, and message me today! :)

species Bantam Dragon
gender male from Somerset, Ohio, United States
loves Anal, Aphrodisiac, Aroused likes Action, Adult, Adventure hates Anal vore, Date rape, Forced sex
6 submissions 1,294 page views 5 comments received 44 comments posted 860 profile views
groups   Dragon Males

Latest Journal posted 08 May 2013

just finished my story, will post it as soon as i get it typed up

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Olivitree 1 year ago
Thanks for the favourite and the watch! :D
icefoxx 1 year ago
Thanks for watching! =3
zanian 1 year ago
thanks for the faves ^^
Zaletha 1 year ago
no problem
Xanitsu 1 year ago
Hay how are you?
Zaletha 1 year ago
im fine, and you?
Xanitsu 1 year ago
I have been busy working 3 jobs.
Zaletha 1 year ago
wow..... i have trouble even getting a job.
Xanitsu 1 year ago
The secret is 1:apply then 2:wait a week then 3:call/visit the applied place finally 4:get job and if it doesnt work repeat steps 1-4 over again!
Zaletha 1 year ago
its not that easy where i live...
Xanitsu 1 year ago
I am not saying that it is easy. But it does help. But anyway i wish you the best in your hunt!
Fenrirwolfen 2 years ago
Hey, I know I'm kinda slow, but thanks for the watch, Zaletha, much appreciated.
LordWolfie 2 years ago
Thank you <3
Leco 2 years ago
i see you watchng me :P
Zaletha 2 years ago
damn it... *runs away screaming and just hides somewhere else*
Leco 2 years ago
Zaletha 2 years ago
*sneaks around and keeps watching you*
Sence 2 years ago
i might share
Zaletha 2 years ago
LazyHowl 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch. ^