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So I'm a typical guy that ain't so typical. I'm a Louisiana native born and raised, (unfortunately), if you want to know my sexual preferences look through my favorites gallery. My main and most of my alts are all white tigers, the bestest animal ever. I'm into heavy metal and rock, with a soft side for techno, however rap and country can go rot in hell! What else, I'm 21! I write music, and some songs and stories. Tried art before but not to great at it. SO I guess if theres anything else just message me and I'll tell you anything you wanna know! =^.^=
species White Tiger
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 28 Dec 2011
Story commissions are going to work as follows!

Step 1.) Content and and plot will be discussed and agreed upon.

Step 2.) Payment will be discussed and agreed upon.

Step 3.) Payment will be sent and story progress will begin,

Step 4.) Story completion will be posted at buyer's discretion.

Step.5) I will have freedom to spend and transfer the money as I see fit.

At any step before the completion of step 4 an issuance of a refund, partial or whole can be discussed.


The pricing will be as follows, $1 US will be paid per 100 words, rounded up or down fairly, ((IE 285 words would round up to 300))

Any subject or content I do not enjoy can still be commissioned but is subject to an extra charge as I see fit, not to be greater than total purchase.

For example, if buyer wants a story of 1000 words, and the subject is of something I do not enjoy he will pay the base price of $10 p...

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Pop goes Chelsea!
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Omelemon 2 years ago
No problem :B
SarusTreeleafWolf 2 years ago
Thanks for watching! ^^
PirateTiger 2 years ago
You're welcome!
Harumi 2 years ago
Thx Fur Watch!
PirateTiger 2 years ago
Any other sites to watch you on? Hehe
Thanatos Talimenios 2 years ago
Thanks fur watching! *rubs nose-horn against your snout*
PirateTiger 2 years ago
You're welcome! =^.^=
Jelly Bean 2 years ago
looks like your a great artist.
PirateTiger 2 years ago
Thanks, but all of the actual drawn art is not by me, but all music and written art is mine.
Io 2 years ago
Welcome to Sofurry, may your stay whit us be enjoyable. ^___^
PirateTiger 2 years ago
Thanks a bunch!