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Hi furry lovers and fan, I`m a dino name Don, currently trying to be an artist, but i suck at it, but hopefully will be good one day. i like all type of art even if i dont get it, if you ask me I`ll go, it`s fasinating, very intresting, then I`ll walk away so they wont ask me what part. 

species dinosaur
gender male
loves Anime, Drum And Bass, Gabumon likes Animated, Circles, Sketch tolerates Sushi hates Date rape
12 submissions 4,069 page views 9 comments received 22 comments posted 1,493 profile views
groups   My life as a furry (Offic...

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Don's crush part 1
by MrTroodon    2 years ago    
i love you, you dont
by MrTroodon    2 years ago    


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Thank you for the Favorite
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Wow, thanx so much for your fav Mrtroodon! i'm grateful!
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Tanks for the faves and stuff! Keep making neat art, and don't let folks put you down because of it. :)
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