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HELLO! Little Creeper here. I'm a happy and friendly creeper, and a happy female brony.

PS. I'm not going to explode, so don't worry about that! x3

I like creepers very much, and my username tells it, of course. That's why I have this name.

Cats are my life

I like to draw, but I'm not very good at it yet. I'll practice yet.

I hope comments to my artwork ^.^ 

Manga & anime are my another favourites, too.

I have got an alter ego called Juniper The Creeper. Her nickname is only Juniper.

PPS. This is my another SF account: http://thistlepaw.sofurry.com/

species Creeper
gender female from Finland
loves Angel, Cat, Dinosaur likes Albino, Canine, Frog hates Vore (soft)
128 submissions 100,352 page views 300 comments received 907 comments posted 5,405 profile views
groups   Squeaky Clean Club

Latest Journal posted 15 Nov 2012

...is a good day. It's friday, and I go to shopping. I'm gonna buy some fabric for a cosplay costume, and new clothes for a christmas disco. 


I can finally start my cosplay, and I'm happy of that :)

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