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Latest Journal posted 17 Feb 2012

So, i was on you tube today and i went to a video of a gay kid. he is like 12 and he made a video about his coming out. so there is this you tuber who angerly comment on his video.... usally i stay away from conflict. but this time i could not. he is talking how gay people are not even human and that kid needs to burn in hell. so i had to take matters into my owm hand with this comment

"You are very arrogant, you're making Inadequate allegations, (Gay people are bacteria) every person needs bacteria to survive.if you really had a fallible reason to hate gay people, it does not change the fact that you're an idiot and can not adequately portray you feelings towards them. You think that you will go to heaven with these derogatory feelings? So, to conclude my point, you are a very angry little boy.

Goodbye, you insolent little fuck."

i mean, that is not how i talk. i am not mean to people...but honestly he really deserved it. he really said we gay people are a disgrace to humanity.... so ...


RuberLupus 1 year ago
Please continue your story "With arms wide open", its a great story and you're a excellent writer!
agentknox 1 year ago
Hey there when r u gonna wright a new chapter your a good wrighter
CharelsMaxwell 1 year ago
Heya pup how are you?
agentknox 2 years ago
His pc broke he told me to tell his fans so I did
CharelsMaxwell 2 years ago
Hey whats up?
NightHowl 2 years ago
From what ive read so far you seem like an alright guy and if you ever need to talk im game
Jorda 2 years ago
you can pm me
laserslutboy 2 years ago
theres even more corruption, look up "kevin trudeau" on youtube or wherever, hes awesome, oh and my name is michael
Airs 2 years ago
Hello u asked me to msg u.
Jorda 2 years ago
yeah. aiden and jordan are alive :)
Chuuey 2 years ago
Your a great writer. I want to be one and I think your short stories are the best.
Jorda 2 years ago
Awe THANK YOU!, you schould read my Jordan and Aiden series.
Airs 2 years ago
Im sorry but this is really personal and important. Please send me a friend request
Jorda 2 years ago
I'm sorry i didn't even see these messages. I will make a journal over it