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hello! im ace.


i realy dont do much on here. i do bug JA redwolf now an then. i do like to RP but im still new at it so dont be mad at me if i suck at it,

i have found my kitty boy mess with him an you shall die :D 


species Collie/dragon
gender male
loves Steam Punk likes 3D, 70s, Acid Jazz tolerates African, Alternative, Amy Rose hates 80s, Alcohol, Alternative Spiritual
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Latest Journal posted 26 May 2012

so ive got a fa acount AND ITS CONFUSING! ill try to work it out soo THATS AOLL FURS - ace

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walk through the park
by dragon1890    2 years ago    

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JA Red Wolf 11 months ago
Yo Ace! If you get Skype my link is ja.redwolf

Be much easier then shouting back and forth all the time! icon_razz.gif
dragon1890 11 months ago
would love to but my little brother broke my cam -_- sorry!
dragon1890 11 months ago
ugh I hate waiting!
JA Red Wolf 1 year ago
Happy New Years Ace! *give you a New Years glomp* To answer your question on too much beer...yes and no. :P
dragon1890 1 year ago
JA Red Wolf 1 year ago
What-ho Ace! How's you a doing? Long time no tease! You still around?
dragon1890 1 year ago
yep. you still drinking to much beer?
JA Red Wolf 1 year ago
Long time no the Ace still alive? *pokes*
dragon1890 1 year ago
JA Red Wolf 1 year ago
Most excellent! I got someone to torment again! =^_^= Teasing! Lol! Just checking up to see if ya was still around and all! *smiles*
dragon1890 1 year ago
dragon1890 1 year ago
dragon1890 1 year ago
now about 350 views HOLY $^*@!
dragon1890 1 year ago
and now ive reached over 300 page view goodie for me
dragon1890 1 year ago
272 page views wow only thought id get 50
dragon1890 2 years ago
well i made a group join it or just stop by to take a look