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species Domestic Fox
gender male from Taeland, US
loves 69, Anal, Ball Slapping hates bio, femboi
127 submissions 84,993 page views 295 comments received 75 comments posted 4,999 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Cub Porn and Incest, no d...
  Canine Furries

Latest Journal posted 11 Jul 2013

Well shit... I gotta dump some art here before I disappoint you guys... But in case I forgot, is human x furry okay? Or do I need a link or something... Also, art dump Friday.

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TheMasturbatingBear 3 months ago
Such delicious cubby art.
DOMiNO UKAE 1 year ago
TheOutlawWolf 1 year ago
Impressive gallery art, and I like the profile, Hope to chat with you some time ;)
TaeTheFox 1 year ago
heh heh :3
DreamSequence 2 years ago
How did you get your icon to animate? I tried to upload the same one I use on FA ( ) but it gave me a little box to crop it and the image never showed as animated here. :(
TaeTheFox 2 years ago
I just upload it to the icon thing and toggle it to see if it work. You might need to delete any other icons beside the one you want to use on there
Little Creeper 2 years ago
I like your avatar, it's really cute :3
TaeTheFox 2 years ago
Thanksies =3 *huggles*
DOMiNO UKAE 2 years ago
prepair to get yiffed. >///<
TaeTheFox 2 years ago
*waits and gets horny* XP
DOMiNO UKAE 2 years ago
arff! arff!
TaeTheFox 2 years ago
Giggles. Hiya n_n
TaeTheFox 1 year ago
Yep. Link it. Or if u meant me then front page.
Io 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch! *Hugs* ^___^
And Welcome to Sofurry may your stay whit us be enjoyable!