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Latest Journal posted 28 Jan 2012

Gonna squeeze these in along with the rest of my backlog to be finished before Valentine's day. Pinups are $30 and you have the option of watching me draw yours live while I stream!



Wounded Knee 9 months ago
Thanks for accepting my friend request.
Reileo 2 years ago
You are completely, totally, and utterly welcome. <3
Reileo 2 years ago
You're welcome for the watch! ^.=.^
Your art is lovely. <3
Celeta 2 years ago
Aw, thank you <3
Sovietstar93 2 years ago
no problem ^.^
TheM0nk3yK4ng 2 years ago
Thank you for the great art :D
Basselope 2 years ago
Celeta 2 years ago
*hides again!*
Bluefire34 2 years ago
your welcome {tips hat to you}
placer-culpable 2 years ago
You welcome
Aquilla Whitegate 2 years ago
You are welcome, and what can I say you and your are are worth it.
Celeta 2 years ago
aw, thank you ^_^
horseman429 2 years ago
Welcome to SF. I love your art
Celeta 2 years ago
Thank you very much ^_^
horseman429 2 years ago
It's my pleasure.*bows*